What Women Really Want To See

Gone were the days when women cannot even assert their own choices. They are now more aggressive and very particular with their preferences. As such, men experience more difficulty in approaching women. Many times, they suffer from humiliation or utter rejection. Their common mistake is one that involves insincere disguises. Just to hit on their prospects, they even have to use pick-up lines or even act like women can’t even dare resist their charms. But what they’ve probably forgotten is how women have become more sensitive and less vulnerable in today’s dating game. If before, men hunt for them like preys, now, they get a fair share in disqualifying senseless predators from their personal love chase.

Women today are not just attracted to good looks and high paying jobs. They enjoy the ease of having someone amuse them with their jokes or funny stories in life. Making them laugh is indeed an advantage in trying to win their hearts. In most cases, women may regard sense of humor as another symbol of self-confidence. This desirable trait reveals how sensible, witty, and charming a man could probably be. So even without the stance of a real-life Casanova, the funny, playful man may catch the eye of his lady though she may even seem intimidating at first. The conversation he shares with women may also spark on a new breed of attraction.

In more ways than one, men may always complain how odd some women may react or even behave. But instead of trying to search for a logical explanation behind these, this unique nature of women should be fully accepted for what it is, while it’s good to know that women have always been emotionally inclined. They all love to be cherished and when they feel loved, that’s when they start to open up themselves more. Women may also expect men to show them how they really feel. Just by holding their hands, touching their arms, or listening intently to what they have to say, she may already feel a lot more special than the rest. Because women do crave for affection even in public, men should never be afraid to express his feelings. Knowing her better is also a way for a woman to feel your sincerity and devoted interest in her.

Despite their modern independence, women have also played the role of damsel in distress. As such, they expect their men to be their brave knights in shining armor. This, of course, is not just part of their fairytale fantasies, but can also be converted into reality. Women have always been attracted to courageous men. In fact, even a study once revealed that they would even prefer their men to be strong rather than kind. Those who can possibly give them security and protection can easily earn their formidable trust and respect, which may also develop into full-blown attraction. So instead of playing it safe and coy, men should also be aggressively confident without being too persistent almost to a fault. The impression of courage can likewise be seen with how men may initiate conversations or even ask for a date.

Whether or not this is all part of the pop culture, women develop attraction to the opposite sex also by way of popularity. When others find the man attractive, she’ll then share the same feelings with others. Hence, women may as well consider competition a real turn-on.