What Wedding Invitation Etiquette Rules To Inscribe

Wedding preparations are always an expensive adventure that is why it is normal for the people to put lesser importance to other aspects of the entire preparation. The stationary details are often the ones that fall into this group. Thank you note cards, service orders, and wedding invitation cards are typically the examples that people elect not to give too much attention to make them exceptionally presentable.

While it isn’t a requirement to make grand wedding invitations and other stationary details, you wouldn’t want to send them out in a diminished quality state. After all, wedding invitations are the first thing people see first about the entire wedding celebration. The invitation cards allow your guests to take a look and expect at what your wedding ceremony would be all about during the big day.

The wedding invitation cards contain key features and information about your wedding. So, while you don’t need to spend huge money, some guidelines must be followed in order to create invitations with style and quality.

Here they are:

Proper Wordings

The words that you provide in the wedding invitation are the information that the guests will use when they attend the ceremony. The most important details such as the what, why, when, and where questions of the ceremony must be provided clearly.

Specifically, the names of the couple and the entourage, names of the hosts, the venue, date and time are the details that the receiver of the invitation card will use in order to attend the ceremony. There isn’t any standard how all this information is arranged inside as long as it is clear and correct.

Rule of Numbers

When it comes to wedding invitation, numbers play an important role here. Before ordering invitation cards, you should know exactly how many guests you are inviting. The general etiquette when to send out invitations is 6 weeks to 12 months prior the wedding ceremony. And this is assuming the guests are in town.

If the guests come from out of town places, you need to allot more time for them to receive the invitation along with arrangements of their arrival. In the issue of who to be invited to the reception, be sure that a separate card containing the reception particulars is inserted in the invitation. Of course, you don’t have to do this if everyone who is receiving the invitation is going to be invited to the wedding reception.

As a general rule, there should be extra wedding invitations. There are at least 25 extra invitation cards ordered.

The Style

Though a wedding invitation is designed to provide the information of the ceremony and other details of the wedding, they should come with style. Again, you don’t have to be extravagant with your invitation cards especially if you are keeping with your budget; however, you can make them stylish by being creative and adding more flair them. For example, the color of the cards must match the motif of the wedding. Or you can put little accessories to and sprinkle with aromas.


Wedding invitations need not be extravagant but remember that they must be presentable too. Being the first detail that the guests come in contact with, invitations do give the tone of the wedding and in most cases impress the people and make them looking forward to attend the celebration.

Source: https://positivearticles.com