What Vitamins Should You Choose?

There are so many nutritional supplements available on the market today that you might have a difficult time deciding which one(s) to incorporate into your daily nutritional regimen. But take heart! It is absolutely possible to decide upon the perfect vitamin for you. Just use these factors as a helpful guideline when making your decision. (And always remember that taking a nutritional supplement is better than no vitamins at all!)
Age and Vitamins

How old you are has much to do with the type of nutritional supplement (and the dosage of the vitamin as well) that you’ll require for optimum health. Children have different requirements than do adults; and teen boys need different items than do teen girls, even though both groups are dealing with hormonal fluctuations. Throughout your life, your health needs will always be growing as you age; perhaps for your birthday you can add a special “gift”… making sure your vitamin nutritional supplements still meet your needs!

Males and females are uniquely created, and their vitamin needs are unique, too. For example, women tend to need more calcium than their male counterparts, whereas men often have more need for vitamins that help them take care of their prostate. If you and your spouse are taking the same multi vitamin, it might be time for you to individually examine what you both really need, not what is the most streamlined option. His n hers nutritional supplements? Why not! Your nutritional supplements should be as unique as your health, and between the sexes there are significant differences

Activity Level

Are you a couch potato or a ten-time marathoner? Do you go to the gym religiously or do you just fantasize about the day you’ll actually step foot in a health club? The level of your daily activity has much to do with the type of nutritional supplement you’ll need. It will also determine how much of a specific vitamin you require, especially if you’re engaging in activities during which a great deal of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are lost through perspiration or general usage.

Vegans have differing vitamin needs than carnivores. Not surprisingly, every person has subtle differences in what his or her body needs to function at their optimum health. Keep a food journal for a week (or, better yet, two) and figure out where you fall… and, more importantly, where you’re lacking. For instance, if you realize that you’re a “meat and potatoes” person, you may want to up your intake of vitamins that would normally come from fruits and vegetable.

At various points in our lives, we make choices that can directly affect the types of vitamins we need. A woman trying to get pregnant must increase her intake of folic acid to ensure that her infant has every chance at good health. Similarly, a man who is fighting cancer might want to choose vitamin C as part of a nutritional supplement to detox his body before chemotherapy or radiation in an effort to have a “blank canvas” upon which to allow the medication to work. As your lifestyle (and health) changes, your vitamins should, too. Never forget that you aren’t the same person you were five years ago… and that means your nutritional supplement shouldn’t be the same, either.