What Type of Equipment You Need To Wear In The Martial Arts

If you have decided to try one of the various Martial Arts available, you may be now wondering what you will need to purchase for your first class. Well, each Martial Arts practise is different and so it all basically depends upon which type of Martial Art you have chosen to partake in.

The Clothing and Equipment Needs of Each Martial Art

All forms of Martial Arts require different things and generally the things which you will need for each one include:

• Uniforms

Depending entirely upon the Martial Arts class you have decided to join, usually you will need a uniform. For Karate the uniform consists of a white suit and it comes in two different sizes for both males and females. Firstly there is a children’s white uniform and then there is the adult white uniform. There is no real size difference between the male and the female suits which could be a problem for some.

If you are taking part in Taekwondo then you will be wearing a similar suit to the Karate one only it will have a V-neck and it can come with either a black V-neck or a white V-neck. The trousers are sold separately too so it is a little extra expense. Kung Fu and Tai Chi suits are completely black and again they come in either children’s or Adult’s sizes.

If you are going to be doing Kickboxing or ordinary boxing, then you are going to need boxing gloves. You will also need boxing shorts as well as inner elastic gloves which fit under the boxing gloves to keep your hands protected.

• Protective Wear

As well as a uniform, you may have to invest in some protective wear such as a head guard which will help you to protect your head against attack when you are fighting. It is usually a good idea to ask your instructor beforehand whether protected gear is recommended as not all Martial Arts need protection.

Shin pads and other protective gear can be bought for your own peace of mind too so it all depends upon personal preference as well as if it is an actual requirement with the Martial Art that you have chosen.

Overall each Martial Art is different as stated and you really should contact your instructor before buying any equipment and before your first class. You can usually buy the equipment from the Martial Arts school or failing that there are also plenty of equipment online for you to choose from.