What Tools Do I Need for Hairstyling

Almost anyone will say they just can’t seem to create salon looks at home. No matter how hard they try, the hairstyle doesn’t look the same at home as it does coming straight out of the salon. It’s frustrating, but there are ways to overcome the problem.

There are two main reasons why hair salon styles tend to look better than those done at home. The first one, of course, is the fact the stylist is a professional. He or she has undergone extensive training and typically has a whole lot of experience in making people look great. Those at home, generally don’t. And, it’s also true that working your own hair is a lot different than having someone else do it.

The second big reason is the tools that professional stylists have at their disposal. With an arsenal of professional quality products, tools and implements, these folks have the right stuff to make a style look great. Many of these products are items most people just won’t have at home.

But, here’s where the playing field can be leveled a bit. These products are things you can buy right down to the right brushes and sprays.

Some of the basic tools stylists use include:
* A good brush for your hair. If you don’t know what kind to buy, ask a stylist or professional in a beauty supply store. Vent brushes and rounded curling brushes are often the favored choices.
* A blow dry. This doesn’t mean a blast the hair until it’s burned kind either. A simple dryer with a cool setting can work wonders.
* Curling iron. A good iron that heats fast and curls even faster is the best choice. Supply stores will often have these and can advise on sizes and types for different hair.
* Hot rollers. These are even better if they’re steam rollers that can be used on slightly damp hair for extra setting ability.
* A good styling spray. This is different than the “holding” type. It’s meant to help sculpt the hair during the styling process.
* A setting spray. Once the look is completed, it needs to be held firmly in place.
* Thermal protector. This spray helps protect the hair from damage during hot iron or roller styling. It’s even a good idea to use before blow drying.
* Gel, mousse or so on. These can replace or work in conjunction with a styling spray to help a person achieve a great look at home.
* Shining or glossing spray. Designed to take the dried out look away after a hair spray has been applied, this is a must have.

You might not be able to copy every look at home, but with the right tools, salon great styles are possible. Level the playing field by finding the right products.

Source: https://positivearticles.com