What to Pack when Visiting Florida

You’ve booked the flight. The hotel’s reserved. You’re headed to Orlando for a Disney World vacation!

The only question left is what to bring? Packing for a trip to Florida can be a little tricky and it gets more challenging depending on the time of year the trip is planned. What’s suitable and what’s not will depend an awful lot, too, on the climate you’re coming from. Those from cold winter climates, tend to think Florida’s winters are shorts weather, but that’s not always the case.

Here’s what to expect weather wise during different times of the year.

* Summer. It’s hot, humid and sometimes quite rainy. The best bet is to bring along lightweight clothes and a lightweight jacket in addition to beach wear and so on. The jacket’s for the run into the air conditioning after a rain storm. It can get cold inside during the summer!
* Fall. Fall’s a fairly mild time in Florida although the change of seasons isn’t as obvious as it is elsewhere. From about late September, the temperatures tend to turn toward more hospitable numbers. Keep in mind though that it can be hot or even a little chilly on any given day.
* Winter. This time of year is almost anyone’s guess on what’s smart to bring and what’s not. Winter can be very mild and even ideal for hitting the beaches or it can be very cold. Florida does find itself faced with freezing temperatures every so often. The best bet here is to bring along a decent jacket and a mix of warm clothes and more light weight attire, too. The conditions are so unpredictable, that one day might find temperatures rising into the 70s and the next it will dip into the 30s.
* Spring. This is one of the most ideal times in Florida. It’s the dry season and the temperatures are chamber of commerce perfect most days. Toward the end of spring, it starts to get hot, but for the most part the days are balmy 70s and 80s. Normal summertime wear with a light jacket is generally all that’s required.

When visiting Florida, it’s a good idea to also bring along such things as sunscreen and mosquito repellent – especially in the summer. Don’t forget comfortable shoes and formals if you intend to do a little painting the town red, too. Beyond that, pack according to what you intend to do. Casual wear is almost always appropriate and ties are virtually unheard of on vacation in this state. It’s meant for kicking back, relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Source: https://positivearticles.com