What To NOT Bring To A Hot Tub

If you’ve been paying attention at all over the past few years, somewhere along the line you must have heard about the wonderful health benefits that accompany time spent in a hot tub. There are benefits that are for those who suffer from arthritis, obesity, and people with balance problems due to a stroke and so on. As much as it sounds like anything goes in a hot tub there are certain things that should never find their way into the tub because of its ability to ruin any benefits you may be experiencing.

The first item is not something that should NEVER be brought into a hot tub but it is something that should be monitored and restricted and that is alcohol. When someone sits in a hot tub and consumes alcohol, as they sweat their sweat is replaced not with water but with alcohol and the effects can be devastating if they are not paid close attention to. Numerous accidents have been documented because people were in a hot tub, stayed in longer than recommended, drank alcohol and passed out. Passing out or falling asleep in a hot tub is not as hard as you may think; in fact it’s quite easy and if you drift off to sleep while relaxing in a hot tub, it’s in your best interest to have a clear head if this kind of thing happens.

If you are going to have some alcohol in the hot tub do yourself a huge favor and don’t use glass. Use plastic cups and it will save a lot of anguish and headache if it were to fall and break. At least with a plastic cup there won’t be shards to worry about.

This point may sound like a no-brainer but it is worth saying and that is it is not advisable to have any type of electronics near the hot tub. Let’s face it, electricity and water do not mix well and there could be fatal consequences if something that was plugged in fell into the water. Avoid the tragedy all together and only use batter operated items, if at all.

It is another big fat mess if you bring one other common item and mix it with a hot tub, especially one with hydrotherapy jets; bubble bath. It only takes a few spoonfuls to cause a serious overflow of the bubbly and it can wreak havoc long after it has been cleaned up. Bubble bath on wood makes for a very slick surface and a slick surface near water could pose a danger with little effort. Because of the design of an above ground hot tub, there may be hard edges that could cause quite a bit of damage if someone were to slip and fall into them.

In order to be able to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub soak it is important to know what NOT to bring into the tub and why they are dangerous. Don’t learn the hard way.

Source: https://positivearticles.com