What to Look For In a Pre-Owned Hyundai

Car shopping can be exciting and pre-owned vehicles are often the best finds. When looking to buy a used Hyundai, it is very important to know what to look for. By doing a little research and practicing good negotiation skills, you’ll find great deals on a gently used car. It’s important to be mindful of not only the appearance of the vehicle, but the mileage, age and safety of the vehicle.

The average driver adds 12,000 to 15,000 miles onto their vehicle per year. So, when assessing the mileage on a vehicle, it’s important to know how old the vehicle is and check for the correct mileage. A 5 year old vehicle should only have between 60,000 and 75,000 miles. Any mileage higher that 75,000 would indicate this vehicle has already sustained more wear and tear on the engine than normal and may need service sooner. If you notice that the odometer has lower mileage, the vehicle may have had a new engine installed to replace the factory engine, which is extremely important to know. When talking to the dealer, ask questions such as:

• What is the year?

• How many miles have accumulated on the engine?

• Has the engine been replaced before?

Specifically, Hyundais are usually equipped with dual airbags and, when evaluating the car, you should check to see if either of the bags has ever gone off. Ask questions like:

• Has this vehicle ever been involved in an accident?

• If the bags were inflated, were they restored, removed or replaced?

Some dealers will have a Carfax report available to review, but it would not hurt to pull your own Carfax report from your mobile phone if you are serious about buying the car.

A used car dealer will likely show you the many models to choose from, but the budget-conscious options are endless with at a Hyundai dealership. From the Hyundai Accent to Elantra, Sonata to Santa Fe, each vehicle was designed with quality and value in mind. These models give great gas mileage, and they run smoothly. Smaller vehicles are ideal for getting around town or local driving. For drivers who take long distant driving trips, or teenagers who are getting their first car, the Hyundai Equus, Genesis, Sonata Hybrid, Veracruz and Tucson are great options. These vehicles are not only good on gas mileage, but they ride smooth and offer enhanced durability. These specific vehicles were designed to be sturdy enough to stand against more than usual wear and tear.

Once you’ve made your selection, one of the biggest topics to cover is warranty. Hyundai boasts vehicles made of quality parts for longevity, and has built the reputation for featuring “America’s Best Warranty”. To uphold this claim, all Hyundais are backs with a 10 year, 10,000 mile powertrain warranty. This Certified Pre-owned Limited warranty is available on pre-owned vehicles that are 10 years old or younger, with less than 100,000 original miles. These warranties are effective from the date of the original sale, and they offer terrific value for the budget conscious drivers. They include low deductibles, towing coverage, roadside assistance, even rental car coverage. Be sure to ask you dealer questions like:

• When was this pre-owned vehicle originally purchase?

• Is the original warranty still valid on this pre-owned vehicle?

• How much time is left on the Certified Pre-owned Limited Warranty?

Hyundais are manufactured for durability and value. The models available offer styles and colors in wide varieties to suite the simple economical tastes as well as those that are classy and stylish. The Certified Pre-owned Limited warranty offers additional incentives for pre-own vehicle shoppers to find a reliable vehicle at a great deal with protection from expensive repairs or unexpected failures. Visit your local Hyundai dealer and see why so many people prefer Hyundai over any other manufacturer.