What to Listen to on Long Drives

Car Stereos Are For More Than Music

Driving long distances can be boring – especially for the driver. Since the eyes shouldn’t leave the road, it’s impossible to take in the sights. When long stretches involve nothing but straight highway, the temptation to doze off can be hard to avoid.

Staying awake while driving can be complicated by the fatigue brought on by daily living. This is where a good car stereo can really help out. Studies have shown that listing to the radio and singing along while driving can help focus a driver on the road and even help stave off sleep. Both of these are very good things and sure bonuses for turning up that radio.

But, good car stereos can be for more than just listening to music. There are lots of other opportunities for listening while driving. Some of the top choices for people beyond music include:

* Comedy stations/tapes/CDs. This is a great way to get a chuckle while driving. Considering the condition of most roads and the traffic jams that almost undoubtedly occur in long commutes, a little laugh can go a long way in helping a driver avoid a bit of stress.
* Classics on tape. If you don’t have time to read, make some time while driving. Classics on tape may not be the same as reading them yourself, but you’ll get to hear the tales told by masterful readers.
* Self-motivational tapes. These are wonderful to listen to and especially helpful on commutes to work or other pressing engagements. It never hurts to get a good affirmation before walking into a big meeting with clients!
* News. In today’s fast-paced world, it can be hard to carve out even a few minutes a night to watch the news and even harder to read a paper. Listening to news stations in the car is a great way to keep up with it all without having to find a different block of time.
* Educational works on tape. Whether you’re learning Spanish or want to study about humanities or more, many courses are taught on tape or CD. Pop these into the car stereo system and learn while you commute.

It’s a sad fact of modern life, but for many the only way to follow dreams is to do so while accomplishing other tasks. Driving can be “lost time” each day. Turn it into something more by taking advantage of the multi-tasking abilities a car stereo can present.

Source: https://positivearticles.com