What to Expect from Scrotal Ultrasound Machines

A lot of males feel uncomfortable going through diagnostic procedures that involve the examination of their scrotum, since it is a very delicate area. You will realize that there are several benefits to ultrasound machines that inspect the scrotum. Knowing the possible conditions and causes will help you stay safe for years to come. The process is also painless and quick, and there’s no need to worry about high costs and prolong hospital stays.

Knowing the Equipment

The ultrasound scanner is composed of a console that has a computer and electronic system. There is also a video display screen and transducer or probe, which will be used to scan the blood vessels and other parts of the scrotum. The probe is held by hand and sends out high-frequency sound vibrations to get a vivid picture of the internal features and structures. The image will immediately become visible on a screen, looking like a TV monitor. A linear small parts transducer is usually required to do a scrotal sonogram.

During the procedure, the transducer sends out the sound waves then records the returning echoes. The probe is pressed against the scrotal sac, which guides small pulses of sound waves that bounce off existing tissues, fluids and structures. Changes in the sound’s pitch and direction will be recorded by the microphone inside the transducer. Real-time pictures will then manifest on the monitor.

During the Test

You will be asked to lie down face-up on the examination table. The table may be tilted or moved, depending on the physician. Clear gel is placed on the area to be examined to guide the transducer and ensure that it is securely in contact with the skin. Air pockets have to be avoided. The technologist, radiologist or sonographer moves the transducer against the skin to see various areas. The results can be released immediately, and the patient can go home right after the procedure with no special precautions. The entire test will take only about 30 minutes or less.

You should not experience any pain except if the scanner is performed over a tender area. Pressure is the most common sensation felt by patient. After imaging is done, the gel can be wiped off your skin. The radiologist or your physician will interpret the results. Your primary health care provider will be provided a signed report about the data. The radiologist may also discuss the data with you during the end of the test.


Scrotal ultrasound machines do not lead to health problems, even if it is repeated several times. The procedure is non-invasive, so you won’t feel pain or discomfort. The equipment is available everywhere and is very easy to use. You will find that it is also more cost-effective compared to traditional tools. Some images that are not very visible in x-ray can be seen vividly via ultrasound. The procedure can also guide other approaches like needle biopsies, needle aspiration of fluid and cortisone injections.

Power Doppler

Scrotal ultrasound machines may also make use of the power Doppler, after completing the gray-scale imaging. The unaffected side is examined first to get accurate Doppler settings. Doppler parameters should also be set properly. The color grain should also be adusted accordingly. In typical cases, power and spectral Doppler scanning can be done on a similar ultrasound window.

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