What to Expect from a Nose Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Nose cosmetic surgery is the second most requested and performed cosmetic procedure in the US. Also known as rhinoplasty, the procedure involves the reshaping and/or repair of the nose to produce a more proportional size and shape. It can also correct deformities caused by birth or injury. Nose cosmetic surgery alters the shape of the nose to create a more symmetrical look that works well with the size and shape of the patient’s face.

Open and closed surgery

Open rhinoplasty is used for major nose cosmetic surgery. Surgeons make incisions on the columella, which is the part of the nose that separates the nostrils. This is a more complicated procedure and is reserved for major changes in the structure of the nose.

Closed surgery is often performed for minor procedures. Incisions are made inside the nose, making them invisible from the outside. The surgeon separates the cartilage from the bone and performs corrective or cosmetic alterations to create the desired nose shape.

Anesthesia is used for both procedures to ensure that the patient is comfortable and free from pain. Depending on the procedure, a patient may either be put under general anesthesia or operated on using local anesthesia. A procedure usually lasts about one hour or two, depending on the extent of the work that is required.

Nose cosmetic surgery is often accompanied by other procedures to complement a person’s new look and achieve symmetry. The most common of these is chin augmentation to balance the profile and create a more proportional face.

What happens after surgery?

Sterile material is placed inside the nose to help it maintain its new shape. A splint may also be used to encourage the new structure and protect the nose. Expect some puffiness and bruising around the eye, nose and cheek areas, although these will go away after a week.

The days and weeks following a nose cosmetic surgery are critical to the success of the procedure. This is the time when the nose should be protected against bumps and further bruising. Your doctor may also prescribe medication to help reduce pain and swelling. It will only take about two weeks before the dressings are removed.

You may be advised to elevate your head most of the time, especially during sleeping. Activities that will include too much physical effort, straining or bending should be avoided. Normal exercise routines may be performed after about two weeks.

If you’re worried about scarring, you really don’t have to be concerned. Incision marks will not be visible because they follow the natural creases in the area between the cheeks and the nostrils and once they heal, the scars are not noticeable.

Is nose cosmetic surgery for you?

There are many reasons why people want to undergo the procedure and oftentimes it’s for aesthetic purposes. If you’re extremely unhappy about the way your nose looks, you just might be a candidate for the procedure. Nose cosmetic surgery can also help correct a birth defect, deformation caused by injury or changes that occur due to aging.

Nose cosmetic surgery can also solve problems in breathing caused by nasal structures. These can be corrected easily during the procedure.

Age factors in as a consideration when looking at the possibility of nose cosmetic surgery. Generally, girls are advised to wait until they are about 16 or 17 while boys should be a little older before they undergo the procedure. .

The best candidates for nose cosmetic surgery are those who are looking to enhance or improve their appearance, but do not have unreasonable expectations. There is no such thing as a perfect nose. The ideal size, shape and form of a nose varies from one person to another.

What to expect from your doctor

It is very important that you work closely with your doctor if you intend to have nose cosmetic surgery. An open communication between the two of you about your concerns and issues will help you reach your goals in a more satisfactory manner. During pre-operation consultations, don’t be shy about asking questions. This is the perfect time to find out more about your options on how to achieve a better look.

Your nose cosmetic surgery surgeon will discuss with you what you can realistically expect out of the procedure. He will also explain the process to you and help clear your mind of unnecessary worries.