What To Do with Ring After the Breakup

After the Break-Up: What to do with the Engagement Ring

No one predicts that when they propose to the woman of their dreams, that the engagement will end before the marriage even happens. However, the sad truth is that many engagements end almost as soon as they begin. If you find yourself in a situation where the engagement has ended, then you may want to read on for more advice about how to handle the ring situation.

First of all, before you get too excited about reclaiming your expensive engagement ring, you should know that you have technically given the ring to your fiancé so it is legally in her possession. You cannot ask for it back and be disappointed if she does not return it.

Most women, however, will offer the ring back. Of course, this depends on how amicable the break-up was for both parties. Hopefully, you will be in a situation where your former fiancé is gracious enough to return the ring to you. Now, the question will be: what to do with the ring.

If you decide to keep the ring, know that any future relationships you have will be tainted at some point because you will have to tell your future love that you still have the ring that you purchased for your former love. Your future love may wonder what you are holding onto. She may also wonder if you are going to reuse the engagement ring on her.

Therefore, many men choose to sell the engagement ring. You can make a nice sum of money by selling the ring. Take that money and build a savings account or use it to take a relaxing vacation. Sometimes after a serious break-up, as your breakup from you fiancé will surely be, the only thing you want in the world is to relax into a nice vacation and let yourself forget about your lost love.

Some men also like to buy themselves toys, like boats, with the money. If you use your break-up money to invest in a boat, then you are investing in a toy that will bring you lasting pleasure for many days. It could also even develop into a hobby that connects you and your future love, courtesy of your break-up.

While breaking up is never easy, the pain can be dulled if you use your new money for some purpose that means something to you. Therefore, determine what your priorities are and invest in them. Let the healing process thus begin.

Source: https://positivearticles.com