What to Do When You Feel Like Pitching YOUR BUSINESS OUT THE WINDOW!

Sooner or later, I can guarantee there will come a day when getting out of bed and facing another day of Prospect calling, talking and checking downline, you decide the results aren’t shaping up fast enough, or soon enough, and the only thing you can think of is QUIT NOW!

Since by now you know what happens to quitters. The go to the old MLMer home and face the reprobate Triple Triple Triple Supremem Director Upline Diamond Crown head person where they make You must sit and listen for eternity how to prospect and do belly-to-belly prospecting and listen to BUSINESS BRIEFINGS until they come out of your ears. HAHAHAHA not really but you know what I mean on how it makes you feel.

I’ll focus instead on what to do to help you hang in there and be brave, be bold, and be Brilliant. Here are steps to make sure your decision is easier and that you will make the right one for you.

1. Write down what’s going on. Your journal could be the greatest asset you own, if you make time to empty your brain (of course, this is easier for some of us, myself included) of all those frustrated thoughts that are nagging, beating, bouncing and kicking around in there. There is nothing worse ‘brain freeze’; the condition where your thoughts become so intense that they lock up your ability to think rationally or even to think at all, i.e., where are my glasses and where did I leave my car and those car keys. Again, take a look at the list of questions that are at the end of this article and answer them for yourself, first in your mind and then in writing.

2. Take a break. Take a weekend or a week off from your business or project to think about what you’re doing. Often just some absence from the work, especially if you’ve been chipping away at it every day for a long time, is enlightening. You can gain just enough perspective to evaluate what’s truly going on. You might even want to take time to ask yourself the questions at the end of this article. Then, instead of acting rashly, you can act rationally.

3. Get support. Go to MLM anonymous and get your help. Just like an AA member contemplating going to take that next drink, you need to call your sponsor, upline, mentor or coach, pastor, rabbi, etc, etc, and get help. This is precisely why you lined them up in the first place—so when the chips are down, they can talk you on to the next level you need to climb to and move along. If you feel embarrassed about appearing in front of them in this state of “FALLING APART”, remember that you would want your organization to come to you if they needed help this badly so please get HELP.

4. List the pros and cons of staying or quitting. If none of the above work, sit down with a piece of paper and evaluate the pros and cons of quitting your endeavor. Be brutally honest with yourself, and do this with your sponsor, upline, mentor or coach, pastor, rabbi, etc, etc, to help you be honest with yourself .Don’t leave a single pro or con. Then walk away from your list. The give yourself 48 to 96 hours before you go back over this list again. Remember it is always the darkest just before the dawn.

5. Then if all the above has failed to settle the question, take a spiritual retreat. In the spirit of all the great religious seekers who ever wandered a desert, take a day, weekend, week or even more time if you can to tune in, spiritually. Remember if the spirit is not settled the mind will wander also. This could be a friend’s weekend house by the beach (if you go, make sure you’ve got some time to get away by yourself a nearby nature sanctuary or state park that permits camping or even a monastery or spiritual sanctuary or that special place you have to get away from it all including the spouse and family.. By removing yourself from all hustle, bustle and noise of everyday life and going into that special quiet place, you can really make the deep, soul searching, life-altering decisions such times demand. I urge you to choose a place that is not only nurturing and soothing to your spirit, but one that allows you plenty of space, time and quiet to sort out your thoughts, feelings, and the main thing that place between your ears. Try This . . .

Seventeen Important Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Like Quitting

1. What have I learned from my work in the past?

2. What am I learning now?

3. What I might be able to learn in the future from this

4. Have I generally been a quitter in life?

5. What would I leave behind if I quit?

6. What do I gain if I quit?

7. What will I never know about if I quit?

8. How will I feel about this at the end of my life?

9. What do I need to explain to my spouse and kids or family?

10. What do I need to keep going?

11. What do I still need to learn?

12. Here do I find the recourses for what I still need to learn?

13. How will I feel if I can achieve my goal?

14. How will I feel if I miss this goal and others?

15. How will achieving my goal help other people?

16. Am I helping or hurting others by quitting?

17. Will my feelings change in 30 days?

I must be secure in this as it will change the direction of my life and those around me. Just a pebble is dropped into a lake even a small one the ripples are felt all across the lake. Remember, you coach and mentor is there for you and please do not wait until things get so bad the only thing you see is quitting. Remember a short leave of absence may just turn things around. So keep your chin up and move forward know that you are not alone and we all have been there.

Have a great time. Find a good mentor that will mentor and help anyone in the Network Marketing business and help you grow into a 22nd century Marketer.

Copyright (c) 2007 Robin Rushlo