What to Do to Get Your Car Ready for Fall

As the leaves start to change, so do driving conditions. During the fall, different weather conditions can create difficult driving conditions. During the summer months the warmer temperatures keep roads relatively dry, resulting in better driving conditions. During the fall the sun sets sooner resulting in darker driving conditions. This is significant because more that 49% of fatal car accidents occur at night, even though there is – on average – less traffic at night. Conditions like rain – or even snow in some parts of the country – can make roads slick and more dangerous to drive on. That is why it is important to make sure that your vehicle is prepared for fall driving. Simple procedures like checking your tire treads and making sure that all of the lights on your car are working are important steps that need to be taken to prepare your car for fall. Read on to see some fall driving hazards and how you can prepare for them:

Rainstorms frequently occur in the fall. When rainstorms occur many hazards can arise while you are on the road. Depending upon the severity of the storm there can be very limited visibility, making it difficult to see your surroundings and others driving around you. Rainstorms can also make roads very slick. These conditions can make it very hazardous to drive in the fall, but if you make sure that your vehicle is ready for such conditions there is nothing to worry about.

There a few simple steps to take to make sure that your car is ready for fall rainstorms. First, make sure that your windshield wipers are working correctly. To check that they’re working correctly, see if when they are used there are streaks left on your windshield. This is a sign that your wipers may be cracked. If your wipers skip across your windshield that is a sign that they have become hardened, either from being in the sun too long or from age. Either way your wipers will not work properly. If your wipers are not working properly it is important to have them changed or you could find yourself caught in a rainstorm without functioning windshield wipers. Another important thing to check is your car’s tires. If your car’s tires have worn out treads then they won’t be able to grip the road as much during a rainstorm. Rainstorms can occur unexpectedly in the fall but if you check your windshield wipers and tires, then you can be ready for almost any rainstorm scenario.

Fog can occur more in the fall as fog can be generated over moist ground, much like the dewy ground that is often associated with early fall mornings. Fog, much like heavy rain, can cause limited visibility for drivers. Unfortunately, windshield wipers aren’t able to remove fog so drivers can see the road more clearly.

The only way to see through fog more clearly is if your car has the proper headlights. Regular headlights will not cut through fog. In fact, because normal headlights are brighter the light from these headlights will reflect off of the fog back at you, impairing your vision even more. In order to combat fog make sure that your vehicle has fog lights. These headlights will produce a lower light that reduces the glare that regular headlights can produce when used in foggy conditions. If you don’t live in an area where fog is a regular occurrence then special headlights may not be necessary for your vehicle. But if you live in an area where foggy conditions are regular, then it is very important to have these special headlights.

Watching the leaves change colors and then fall off of the trees is one of the best parts of fall. Unfortunately leaves that have fallen off of trees and onto the road can be very dangerous. Leaves can make vehicles lose their grip with the road, especially if they become wet from rain or moisture in the air. This can make you lose control of your vehicle, or worse, result in an accident.

The best way to combat leaves is to again check your tires. As mentioned above if the tread of your vehicle’s tires are worn out then they won’t be able to grip the road as much, resulting in less maneuverability. Having tires with good treads is important for driving through leafy roads. Without them your car will not handle properly, which could result in an accident.

Fall can be a beautiful time of year. But it can also be a dangerous time for drivers who are unprepared. Make sure your car is ready for fall or you may not be ready for what fall has in store for you.