What to do in Miami Florida

It’s one of Florida’s biggest cities, but that doesn’t mean it’s paradise lost. In fact, Miami remains one of the hottest locations for Florida vacation goers in the state. With its own brand of unusual attractions, not to mention its proximity to a whole host of others, this city has been packing in the visitors for years and continues to do so.

Located on Florida’s southern east coast, the city of Miami is big. It’s known for its major nightlife action, Cuban influences and its beaches. The beaches are really what make it shine. With some of the world’s best beaches, fun in the sun is what Miami is all about.

After hitting the beaches, Miami doesn’t fall down on the job. The area has a whole host of attractions, including:

* The Miami Metrozoo. This is one of the state’s very few zoos. It’s considered a sanctuary for endangered and rare animals. Its collection includes tigers, crocs, a Komodo dragon and more. With offerings for animal lovers of all ages, it’s an ideal stop in this tropical city.
* Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. This Italian Renaissance villa was built in 1916 as a winter retreat for its original owner. The home retains its original artwork, furnishings and more. One of the biggest draws here beyond the architecture is the rich, lush tropical gardens that surround the villa.
* Little Havana. This is the city’s Cuban district. Here visitors will find the sights, sounds and flavors that have made Miami’s Cuban population famous. The area is known for its dining, shopping and entertainment offerings. No place outside of Tampa in the U.S. boasts a more culturally rich Cuban district.
* Parrot Jungle Island. This is a park that’s located off the coast. It boasts tropical gardens, a host of animals and more. For those who want to see the beauty of Miami, it’s a must see.
* Outdoor fun. Beyond the beaches, Miami is an ideal location for scuba divers, fishermen, water skiers and more. The outdoor fun in this region only stops when the weather gets in the way, which isn’t very often.

The city has literally hundreds of other attractions to reel visitors in. Here guests can visit shops, museums and world famous restaurants and beaches by day and then enjoy a nightlife that doesn’t stop. In addition, visitors to Miami are within driving distance of West Palm Beach, the Keys, Lake Okeechobee and more.
When it comes to ideal Florida vacation locations, Miami continues to be the king of the south. Its offerings are ideal for visitors of all ages.

Source: https://positivearticles.com