“What to do After Break Up”

Dear Reader;

A break up is not the end of the world which many ex-lovers will fall in that pothole (I only mean here who was in REAL love). I myself had been through this situation twice in my life time, but the recent one has taught me a lot of things which I made to myself which has reconciled my life style. You don’t have to keep blaming your ex for anything; no one has to take the charge of being 100% right and his/her ex is 100% wrong. If you were 100% right you will never break up.

Now; I will tell you some things to do which will help you to reclaim back yourself into better person.

1) Old relationship is OLD

The first thing I did when I broke up, I tried so hard to get her back again. I have tried every technique anyone can know, I even pretend that I have an accident – what a silly pathetic thing I did – I even offered money,,, everything to try get her back again,,, yet I have realized that it is the dumbest thing anyone would do… she is old gone (WAKE UP). This will NEVER reconcile you. And being sad or miserable will never get her back.

So I have looked at myself, re-thought about myself, my life, I told myself If I am good enough I won’t break up and be in this ridiculous situation, though I felt sorry for myself loosing her love.

So that’s number (1) thing you SHOULD know,, old is old. Don’t look back. … Please wait until I finish my points.

2) Where are your friends?

Over the years, I’ve noticed that a big problem most guys have when they get out of a long-term relationship is that they have lost contact with all their old friends.

I’ve also noticed a direct correlation between unhappiness and having a lack of good friends, especially when it comes to the “lone-wolfs”.

A “lone-wolf” can focus all his energy on a woman in the short-term. But when his romantic relationship turn back or he has a period of bad luck with women, he may suddenly find himself depressed and unwilling to go out because he has no friends, or he left them while he was on relationship.

Without any friends to motivate you, you slip into further depression until you lose all your personal charm.

Many people that I know who are in their late 20’s, 30’s or 40’s have told me similar problems. When things are going well for you, don’t forget the buddies. And when you’re single, spend more time with them to strengthen your friendships while you still can.
3) Spend Time with Family

Spending time with family is a good way to “recharge” your energy while you’re single.

4) Find New Hobbies, Sports, and Fitness Clubs

Spend some time on a new hobby or two while you’re single. Developing passion for different hobbies or subjects will definitely make you a more interesting and well-rounded person.

Spend an hour or so at the gym everyday. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in shape right now. Anyhow it can improve your physique by working out.

You should consider taking up a competitive sport or two. It’s good for building your masculinity, which will become useful when you get back into a new relationship.

5) Education and Self-Improvement

This is the best part, educate yourself and improve your self and self esteem, this will get you back on track or even better much easier, you will prove to everyone that you are better person now. Try a new program that you didn’t know about.

I spend at least 20 percent of my time and income (Now) on educating myself every month, until I got a proven ability to teach and instruct people of my country on self improvement programs. Also I am the only member of AMA (American Marketing Association) and PRSA (Public Relation Society of America) in Saudi Arabia.

Read new things everyday which includes web classes, magazine subscriptions, psychology journals, books, newspapers, and self-help programs.

6) Focus on your Job and Business

Many loose his job or got broke due to bad relationship story they have been through. But is this a solution?!! Are they happy now?!! This is a proven certificate that they are weak and nothing without their exes. What a shame!! What a shame and I did it!!!

But, not anymore, after reconciling myself I got business on better track again, also I am very successful in no time. Just I need you to throw every bad story and miserable life behind your back, and start your new successful life. Trust me you will have a much better life if you did.

7) Reach your Objectives

I am not telling you to go sing to be famous, just try to be well-known, popular, try to success in your life, don’t ask me in what field,,, just in whatever… trust me, whoever dumped you,,, whoever laughed at you,,, whoever thought you are a looser, they will cry inside themselves that they are not with you,,, they will only envy you, even if they laughed at you in public accusing you for fake success,,, they know it inside them that you have reached your goal ASAP.

8) Get back to God

Hey get back to Allah, see whatever you done wrongly,,, whatever sin you have committed is a reason for miserable life. But Allah will forgive you and will lighten your path is you ask for forgiveness.

Finally, I think this is the best way to learn from your mistakes instead of blaming her/him, or feeling sorry about it. I wish you all a happy life.

Thank you

Hassan Bin Helaby
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