What to Do About a Bad Haircut

It seems no matter how hard a person tries, sometimes a bad haircut just happens. Whether it’s because of stylist error, a bad choice in the kind of hairdo you want or just the fact a new cut looks awful for a few days, there are ways to make a bad do look a little better.

How to proceed will depend a whole lot on what’s happened with the cut. If, for example, your hair has been cut shorter than you’d like, you might need to take a different tactic than someone who has gotten a horrible perm. Here are some general ideas for dealing with a bad hairdo:

* If the problem is due to stylist error, do make your displeasure known. However, if you didn’t properly inform the stylist of what you wanted done and how, remember you’re at fault, too. If you bring the issue to the person’s attention, it’s possible they can remedy the error or another person in the salon can. If you don’t say you’re unhappy, you might have to live with the look for a while. Most stylists are more than willing to work with clients until they’re happy. Just be reasonable and they will be, too.
* For perms gone horribly wrong, unfortunately, at first the only option you’ll have is to wait. Perms that look bad on Day One, sometimes look better on day 10 after the perm has had some time to relax a bit. Doing a new perm over a bad one will damage the hair and is not recommended.
* Slip of the scissors. Sometimes accidents happen in salons. If this happens to you, remember even the best stylist can have an accident. Breathe in deeply and keep in mind hair grows back. Work with the stylist to come up with the best look for your new, even if unwanted, length.
* Bad color job. As it is with perms, trying to redo a bad color job right away can cause further damage. Do work with the salon to remedy the situation, but remember it might make time to make good on the deal.

No one wants a bad hairstyle, but sometime they happen. Even the best stylists can make mistakes or have outside factors create issues for their clients. Sometimes you’ve just made a bad choice in a styling idea. But, whatever the case, time, patience and a little persistence can help make that bad look turn into a good one.

Source: https://positivearticles.com