What to Consider While Choosing a Spa?

Before selecting your spa you should do your homework about the spa. You have to make sure whether the spa is also look the same as it looks on the internet or in that print AD. It is important to make sure that you are receiving what you pay for.

These five tips are extremely important. You are the buyer so you have to beware.

Licenses Validity

Like any other businesses, there are several different licenses that must be prominently displayed. A spa should have the following licenses,

• A state business license
• Local town’s business license
• An active license from the Board of Cosmetology
• A valid license for each technician or therapist from the Board of Cosmetology

If the spa is open without any of these licenses, it is open illegally and not being watched over by various governing bodies.


You should get a tour to a spa before ensuring your booking. While touring,

• Make sure the rooms are clean
• Meet some of the technicians
• Make sure that there is at least a jar of Barbicide solution or an autoclave for cleaning brushes and implements in the facial and nail rooms
• Check for cobwebs
• Look for overloaded trash containers


Check the reputation of the saloon. Ask people about the spa owners and technicians to learn about their reputation in the industry as they know what is going on through the grapevine. Check with your Better Business Bureau or local Chamber of Commerce. They can give you information on whether the spa has recommendation or not. You can ask your friends also whether they have visited the spa or not. To ensure quality, word of mouth referrals are the best.

Seems too Good to Be True

Spas usually offer specials and deals but take care whether the deals are unbelievable or not. If they are too good, don’t believe them! A spa may offer a discount and free services to purchase a series of treatments. It might either mean that the spa can’t meet their payroll or bills and needs a cash infusion or to keep staff from leaving so as not to disappoint their loyal customers. Before choosing anyone think why would you want to give someone your money for treatments that could take months for you to use. You may have to pay much for the individual services later but you don’t have to live in confusion in such case. Pay a heed to it.