What To Consider When Having A Winter Wedding

It is not every day that people have a winter wedding, but they are catching on fast. One thing that you can expect is to have much more space and some solitude as compared to a summer or spring wedding. However, pulling off a winter wedding is not easy if you do not employ some helpful tips such as we will show you here. You will even get good rates from vendors because winter is not an event season.

Here are the chief considerations if you aim to get a perfect winter wedding:

Consider A Way To Keep The Guests Warm

You will most likely not get all the invited guests to come because of the cold. However, those that do come will need something hot to welcome them to the wedding. So consider serving them a hot mug of tea or coffee as soon as they arrive. That should help keep them warm until after the ceremony. It is unusual to usher the guests in with a hot drink, but little things like these show people that you care about them. They will never forget it.

If you will want the guests to make a receiving line for you, arrange it to be executed in such a way that they are not left too long freezing in the cold after you go inside.

Good Timing Can Be Rewarding

While it is true that winter weddings have many guest declining, you can still get many people to come. Plan for the wedding to take place at a time close to the holiday season when many people will have taken leave from their jobs.

Be keen though as this can work for you on some scale, and against you at the same time. The reason is that honeymoon destinations tend to cost more around the holidays. Having said that about holidays, the main ones you want to watch out for include New Year’s Eve/Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and Super Bowl Sunday. They do not necessarily happen in that order.

The Weather Is Everything

It is winter but if you do not pick the day carefully, you could all be run in by a blizzard, or something similar. Thankfully, there are ways to check the weather online and find out the weather patterns for that area at that time of the year.

You can spread your search to cover up to five years. That way, you will have a fair understanding of what to expect. It is not a nice idea to hold a winter wedding on the day that is snows hard.

If you are planning to do any part of the wedding outdoors, consider the temperature carefully. If the predictions for that day are not good, consider doing everything indoors.

Best Hours For Photographs

In winter, days are shorter and day light may not be as bright as it is during summer. That is why you will want to discuss with your photographer about the best hours for taking photographs. Of course, you will have to consider everything else that is supposed to happen on the wedding day. Usually, it is recommended that you plan for the entire event to take place in about 6 hours, latest 8 hours. That way, your guests will have time to sort out their logistics.

Travel Logistics For Your Guests

Traveling during the holidays whether by air or by road can be quite irksome. Thus, you should pick a wedding date that is not too close to the holiday weekends because that is when most people love to travel to be with their families.

You also have to bear in mind things like road closure due to weather and have an optional route that your guests may use. This means you also have to consider the venue of the wedding keenly so that it is as close to the center of everything as possible.


Other than the above mentioned things for winter wedding, you need to ensure you hire the best wedding rentals for a flawless wedding. If you are from Los Angeles, you can consider hiring wedding rentals Los Angeles. In a popular wedding destination like this, you can always expect to have renowned event rentals. If you are from San Francisco, you can check out event furniture rental San Francisco. Make sure you plan ahead for everything to make your winter wedding unforgettable.