What to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Cushions

Bedding can really lift a room and the right cushions can really make bedding look all the more welcoming and attractive. Cushions have a tendency to break up blocks of colour and also make a bed look more sumptuous and inviting. This can really affect the overall feel of a room and really lift it. So, what should you consider when picking new cushions to complement bedding?

Area and Size:

The cushions you pick are dependent on the size of your bed, and as you may already know, there is a wide variation in the size of cushions available for a bed. Bed cushion sizes generally vary between 40-60cm and are usually square in their shape. The choice should all be relevant to the size of the bed. Small beds with large cushions will end up looking strange and the large cushions may be too dominant on the bed. Beds that are large with small cushions will have the opposite effect. For large beds 5-6 medium size cushions or around half that of large cushions work wonders.


The soft furnishings industry makes cushions in a variety of styles to ensure that they fit in with all types of bedding. You really don’t want to overdo it here, which is why if you have decorative bedding simple cushions are ideal, or vice versa in the case of plain bedding. More detailed cushions can offer a lift for simple bedding.

Colours and Tone:

Use colours to lift the tone and feel of the bedroom. If you want you can use just one colour, or you could choose a slightly different tone of the same colour across your selection of cushions. This can create an interesting look that draws attention. It is also possible to use a colour chart or wheel to pick complementary colours. You must also be aware of the tone and colour scheme of the rest of the bedroom, as it would not be a good idea to have cushions with clash with the curtains, for example.

The Filling:

This is not nearly as of much of importance as the filling you choose for your duvet or your pillow. In those cases we would recommend that you use a high quality filling. However, as cushions are often more to do with decorative purposes they do not require the same qualities as the bedding. Most cushions for bedding are filled with lower cost materials such as polyester fibre. This keeps the cost down, but also allows for more money to be spent on design – making them more affordable. However, this does not mean they are uncomfortable and you will find that for a quick lie down these pillows are fine for providing a good level of comfort.

Cushions are of course, very important for bedding, though in their case design comes equal or maybe even above function unlike that of duvets or pillows.