What to Carry in Your Modeling Bag

As you travel around to show up for bookings, you’ll soon discover how important a model’s bag becomes. A model’s bag is your set of tools – just as a carpenter’s box is a set of tools for those working in construction. It’s not an option – it’s an absolute must. So what goes in there? Read on and find out.


In most cases, the jobs that you’re booked will provide a makeup artist and/or hairstylist who will glamour you up the way that they want to see you, but you can certainly bring your own cosmetics and cosmetic tools (brushes, for example) and ask that they use yours instead. Not only is this more sanitary – it’s also important if you’re allergic to certain make up products or the hairs in certain brushes. If you notice that you don’t have the same tools as the makeup artist and/or hairstylist on the job – go out and buy them, and carry them with you in your model’s bag.


In addition to cosmetics, you’ll want to bring along a little jewelry. No need to dump your entire jewelry box into your model’s bag – just a few select pieces of some really outrageous and creative pieces along with much more subtle and modest pieces.


Because you’ll try on a wide assortment of clothing (and quickly), you’ll be thankful that you packed an extra pair of pantyhose in case you accidentally snag a pair that you’re wearing. Hey – accidents happen and the contents of your model’s bag could be a lifesaver – especially wireless and seamless bras and panties. The more colors and styles that you have, the better armed you are for the different clothing that you’re asked to wear and the different poses that you’re asked to make.


Speaking of lifesavers, there are some additional things that you can pack into your model’s bag that will make your photo shoots even more productive.

Clear nail polish – stops hose runs

Shoe pads – if you’re asked to wear shoes that don’t fit you, you can use these things to pretend that they do!

Static spray- – this stuff gets rid of static cling, which is extremely important if you’re walking a runway.

Tape and strong rubber bands – these “simple tools” can hold clothing in place and act as an emergency belt for largeclothing. Tape can even “temporarily” act as an impromptu sewing solution.

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Source: https://positivearticles.com