What to Avoid Right Before Your Wedding

Your wedding is approaching and you may be tempted to make some changes to your appearance or routine. The best thing you can do is to maintain your regular habits. Avoid doing anything different or anything you aren’t completely comfortable with in the week or two prior to your wedding. The last thing you want to do is end up with a huge problem that could have been avoided.

Spray tans – Unless you’ve been using spray tans for some time you’ll want to avoid getting one right before your wedding. Too many things can go wrong with a spray tan. While you likely want to try to improve your colour for your big day you don’t want to end up with an orange or spotty appearance. It’s better to skip the spray tan altogether.

Hair colour or cut – Now isn’t the best time to try a brand new hairstyle. If you want to adopt a new cut or colour, schedule a time to have it done at least two months before your wedding date. This gives you the option to make corrections if you aren’t happy with the results. Too many brides have tried a new colour two days before their wedding only to find that they turned their hair orange or green. Now they have real trouble and a ton of stress!

Avoid changing plans – Some brides suddenly decide that they want to add or change something about the wedding ceremony or reception right before the wedding date. Making any changes at this late time creates a risk that something will go wrong. Instead, stick to the original plan and you’ll be sure to have a smooth and stress-free wedding.

Wedding clothes – Be sure to try on everything you’re going to wear for your wedding at least a week prior to the big day. If something doesn’t fit or you want to make changes you’ll have some time to do so. If you wait until the last minute to try everything on together you run the risk of running into problems. For example, what if your shoes don’t work right with the dress when you finally put them on together? Don’t run out of time for last minute adjustments!

Skin care – Don’t get a facial peel immediately before your wedding. Some of these treatments can cause redness and blotchiness – things you certainly don’t want to encounter on your wedding day. You’ll also want to be sure to tweeze, pluck, wax, and shave at least two days before your wedding. These processes can cause skin bumps, redness, and irritation.