What Size of Engagement Ring Should I Get

The Great Stone Debate: Smaller Ring and Higher Quality?

If you are a future-groom on a budget, then chances are high that you have spent countless hours looking around for the perfect engagement ring for your future wife. If you haven’t been looking, then it’s time to hit the shops. You will soon discover that there is more to engagement ring shopping than meets the eye.

When you are looking to purchase that perfect engagement ring, there are a multitude of considerations that you must be aware of if you are going to make an informed decision. You have to think about the color of the metal, the shape of the cut, the size of the diamond and the design of the setting.

One of the most important questions that you will take into consideration, especially if you are on any sort of budget, is the size and quality of the diamond. Diamonds vary greatly in price depending on how many carats they are and what the quality of the cut, clarity and color is. Therefore, it is essential that you perform ample research into what options are available before you hit the stored.

So that you are sure to get the exact ring that your future fiancé will be enamored with, it is important that you spend time finding out what she likes. Even if you do not openly ask her about the engagement ring style, you should have a good sense of what style jewelry fits her taste. Does she like large pieces? Does she like the modern look? Would she prefer something small and elegant?

Many men find that they must choose between purchasing a larger diamond that has less quality and purchasing a smaller diamond that has greater quality. If you are one of these individuals (most people are) then take a moment to head this advice:

1. The ring can be upgraded. Your diamond ring can always be upgraded years down the road. In fact, many men purchase additional stones for their wives for their anniversaries.

2. The stone can be switched out. You can purchase a stone for a ring now, but then make it into a necklace piece later on.

3. The ring is about your love; not the price of the diamond. Therefore, the diamond you select should be the best representation of how you feel about your future wife (it’s up to you to figure out what that means for you in terms of size and quality.)

No matter what diamond you select, it is important to remember that the ring is about you asking your love to become a part of your life in a very special and intimate way. It’s a symbol of a commitment that you will continue to make for as long as you stay together.

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