What Size Chandelier Should I Use?

The original Chandeliers were lit with candles while they were mounted from the ceiling. Today, candles are replaced with pendant lights and bulbs that somehow resemble candles. While before such lighting fixtures were exclusive to extremely wealthy families and institutions, in our time though we can enjoy discount chandeliers.

The modern appearance of chandelier s fixtures is more varied and the size is more flexible to fit any room of the house. If before, we could only see the breathtaking centerpiece in the high ceilings of Domes, Mansions and Churches, in the modern era, one could place a chandelier in the dining room, another one in the living room.

Still, a different style can grace the kitchen or the hallway, the top of the staircase and even the ceilings of the outdoor are. There are many styles of Chandeliers to choose from. You could go for Rustic, Classical, Contemporary and Crystals. Each of the style has its own set of variety to blend with the existing style and theme of the room.

It is also important that in choosing the right light fixtures chandeliers for bedroom, kitchen, dining area and living room, the material is given due consideration. Sometimes, the material depends on the style the fixture wants to render. In today’s technology, manufactures use, besides crystals, glass, metal wood and other natural materials. Moreover, they can have discount chandeliers available for the right occasion.

The size of the room determines the size of the chandelier you should buy. If you want to put this magnificent centerpiece on the dining room, you can scale it to the dining table’s size. At most, a diameter of 17” to 20” for hanging light fixtures fits a small room. A bigger room can accommodate chandeliers between 24” and 36”. A room with 42” width for a dining table suits well with a 30”-diameter chandelier.

The height of the ceiling decides the number of layers for your room. It also provides optimum effect. To be safe, a ceiling height of 8 feet should have a 32” distance from the surface of the dining table. You can have a lighting consultant to have more knowledge on this matter. They can also give tips on where and how to avail discount chandeliers.

If it is, then consider the brightness that it provides. Better yet, choose the one that can be used by a dimmer switch so you can customize the needed illumination. There are chandeliers that have pendant lighting, island lighting and bulb holders [besides candle holders for classical].

If your style is a bit modern, then you can choose from Teardrop, Hale and Laura for your dining area, living room and bedroom. Teardrop chandelier is a combination of glass and steel to address the decorative demands of the contemporary times. They can come in high prices or they can come in discount chandeliers.

There are also lights made from alabaster glass, hand-blown glass droplets, steel and other materials that are added together to make them attractive. Hale is a kind of crystal lights, where light passes and reflects breathtakingly. Because of the crystals’ ability to collate myriads of colors in one place, the effect of crystal chandelier is something to behold.

You can also mount a great chandelier on top of your staircase to provide general illumination from the upper and lower floors. You can choose the one that has 4 to 5 layers depending on the ceiling height. Chandeliers put on top of the staircase can be a great source of decoration as well.

Bathrooms are also entitled to have the beauty and illumination associated with ceiling lighting. Choose chandeliers that are suitable to the ambience and size of the room. Depending on the purpose, bathroom fixtures can serve as complementary or general lighting. Shop at your favorite lighting store; it may have special promo such as providing discount chandeliers.