What Ring Diamond Shape to Get

What are the Diamond Shapes and their Benefits?

When it comes to engagement rings, there are a multitude of style and shapes to choose from. Some affect the hand in different ways. Others have the advantage of making the rock appear to be larger than it actually is. Here is a very brief overview of several engagement ring styles, but be sure to do your research on your own to select the style that is right for you and your bride.

Keep in mind that in addition to the shape of the cut, the depth of the cut is also important in determining the quality of the stone. Make sure that you select a ring that has very nice symmetry and balance, rather than one that is too deep or too shallow.

The round cut is the most popular. Basically, the top of the diamond is drilled in a circle so that it can be round. The benefit of the round cut is that six prongs usually hold it, which decreases the probability of it falling out of the setting.

The princess cut is the square-top cut that was made popular by Tiffany’s. The major benefit of the square cut is that it is trendy, attractive and full of color. However, because it is held in place using only four prongs, it can be easily lost if any of the prongs come loose.

The Oval ring is one of the less popular options, as most brides prefer the round cut. However, the benefit of the oval ring is that the length helps to elongate the hand while the softness helps to add a degree of character.

The pear shaped engagement ring is one of the least-popular options. In fact, it is so frequently not chosen, that many jewelry stores do not even carry it in stock. If you would like a pear-shaped ring, chances are high that you will have to either go online or special order your ring.

The marquis shape is an oal with tips. It not only helps to make the hand appear longer and slimmer, but it also makes the diamond appear larger than it actually is. Marquis are a very popular cut, but are not liked by all brides.

When determining which cut is right for your bride, it is probably important to take a good look around at available options. You don’t know what’s available until you get outside of your house to take a look around.

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