What Pheromone Colognes Do

The old jokes about bottling the sex appeal have, surprisingly to many, roots in reality. A few years ago researchers learned to gather and concentrate pheromones. These natural chemical substances are known to increase the level of sexual arousal in humans. What once was only a matter of unconscious actions of your skin, now is a subject to your conscious decisions – you can now wear pheromone colognes in order to send a clear, yet invisible sexy signals whenever you want.

The phenomenon of pheromones has been thoroughly studied both by commercial institutions and public research institutes. Here’s what we know: pheromones are chemical compounds related to hormones. They are able to incite fast, instinctive sexual arousal if smelled. Naturally they are a part of our sweat and body secretions. When they drift into other people’s nasal passage, they stimulate proper receptors – probably located in the so-called “vomeronasal organ”, though it is still unclear whether it is the only organ taking part in the reception process – and make the body react.

What’s inside pheromones? There are two main pheromones: androstadienone (a.k.a. AND) and estratetraenol (EST). Both of them are derived from hormones – androstadienone is related to testosterone and estratetraenol to estrogen. The effects of pheromones are clearly visible if we use EEG, MRI or PET scans. They are also visible when you closely observe the mood changes of people smelling pheromones. Needless to say, the mood changes and body reactions are 100% consistent with what they are supposed to do.

A common belief is that those compounds are even more effective if they are synthesized, not natural. This is true, though not because they are chemically different from their natural counterparts. For last umpteen years, Americans have been trying to obliterate the smallest traces of sweat and natural odors, showering off most of them and deodorizing the rest. This approach caused most natural pheromones to be washed off before they can do their job. On the other hand their synthesized versions can work just fine if applied as cologne.

The problems start when we want to actually buy pheromones. The bad aura that is often connected to pheromone-based products is an effect of actions of several low-quality producers and scammers. Their products contain only minimal amounts of pheromones – if they contain them at all! Fortunately, there are also a few quality products, such as Nexus Pheromones, that consist of 100% pheromone concentrate. Anyway, make sure that all pheromone colognes you buy are issued along with the 100% money-back warranty anda note that states clearly that the product is pure and not a solution with little more than a tiny droplet of pheromones in it.

Pheromones work. They say that the most effective aphrodisiac you can get is your self confidence. Perhaps it is true – but boosting it with a touch of pheromones will not hurt. The other people reactions will be different and you will certainly feel much better.