What Our Ancestors Can Teach Us About Natural Supplements

Humans have existed on our planet for much longer than pharmaceutical companies; thus, it makes perfect sense to ask the question, “Are there natural healing methods, like those of nutritional supplements and vitamins groups, which work just as well for some individuals as prescription drugs?”

The answer is a resounding YES.

Though advertising agencies working on behalf of popular medicines would have you believe otherwise, there are many natural healing methods that work to heal some common conditions, including depression, high blood pressure, acne, high cholesterol, and weight problems. Below, we’ll look at a few “miracle ingredients” that are found in nature, and vitamin nutritional supplements, but not in a laboratory.

There’s a reason you’re seeing a great deal of soy on the market; it’s because the general population has finally embraced this natural healing ingredient and nutritional supplement. Not only is it valuable if you’re embarking on a vegan or vegetarian diet (it packs a punch with protein and “good” fats), but it can round out any other diet rich in vitamins and minerals too.

It’s also excellent for people with allergies to milk; ironically, many individuals don’t realize that they have those reactions to dairy products! Thus, they assume their discomfort, bloating, irritability, depression, energy loss, and weight gain must be attributed to something else and they wind up overmedicating when all they needed to do was substitute soy products for milk-based ones. Truly, this is one natural healing method that has far-reaching implications, whether in the diet or as part of a nutritional supplement or multi vitamin.

Fatty fish such as salmon and tuna are natural healers in their own rights. Though they might contain more calories than their white, flaky counterparts, the oils in their bodies can help keep high blood pressure and high cholesterol at bay.

Studies have shown that people who adopt a diet that includes several servings of heart-healthy fatty fish per week tend to lose weight, lower their cholesterol levels, lower their high blood pressure, and (in some cases) experience less “brain fog” (often a symptom of depression and lethargy). The next time you head to the grocery, opt for some bluefish instead of hamburger for a natural healing method that tastes wonderful and will make your body feel amazing day after day. Alternatively, if you just can’t stand the taste of fish, the healthy oils contained in fish can also be bought as nutritional supplements. They can also be incorporated into a general, daily, multi vitamin or dietary supplement.

It’s sweet. It’s delicious. It’s also a powerful weapon against scars and infection when it comes to smaller cuts. Honey contains natural healing properties that make it a perfect (and less expensive) alternative to creams and ointments. Even the Egyptians knew of honey’s power, and would create poultices from this ingredient to use as a natural healing method.

The next time you have a surface cut or scrape on your body, rub a little honey on it before applying a bandage and see what happens. The honey will act as a natural healer, keeping infection at bay and allowing your body to heal itself rapidly.

Additionally, many people with skin problems such as eczema and blemishes swear by homemade masks created from honey and oatmeal. They might look a bit silly when applied, but they serve to help exfoliate and soothe irritated skin as a natural healing method.

Remember – our ancestors lived with many of the conditions that still plague us today, without suffering vitamin deficiencies. Don’t dismiss their natural healing methods or natural “nutritional supplements,” as they just might be what you need to solve your health dilemmas.