What My Wedding Flowers Say About Me

They don’t just sit there and look pretty; your wedding flowers should say just as much about your relationship as your dress, cake or music does. Each flower holds its own symbolism, which can be utilised to illustrate your emotions as a couple, ranging from the traditional love to the more specific swiftness. Your wedding flowers can say so much about you, so what statement do you want to make?

For keeping it simple, and all about love, carnations in red, pink and purple are beautiful and affordable. Pricier options include tulips and orchids, or roses if you’d like a particularly fragrant arrangement. As with carnations, passion is best represented in warm, fiery hues. For more daintily coloured, but similarly aromatic florals, evoke the earliest memories of your love with sprigs of lilac.

If you’re planning a white wedding, there are many traditional flowers symbolic of innocence and purity which beautifully complement the theme. Baby’s breath is perfect for inexpensive buttonholes and corsages, while freesias are available in a range of colours, making for sweetly scented bouquets and centre pieces. If your budget allows for the most traditional of wedding flowers, stephanotis and lily of the valley have been symbolic of marital happiness for generations.

Large and brightly coloured flowers are ideal for making bold statements. The wonderfully rich calla lilies signify tremendous beauty, which can be intensified in deeper shades of red and purple, while peonies are an eye catching statement of determination and aspiration.

A spring or summer wedding can be complemented with a colourful and inexpensive choice of flowers, and are particularly suited to an outdoor or garden-style setting. Daisies are a well-loved contemporary choice, for their fun, stylish shape and availability of many colours. They aptly represent shared feelings, and bring an inherent vibrancy to the venue. Magnolias are a dear but perfect match for an outdoor wedding, commonly coming in white, pink, yellow and purple, and representing a love of nature. Delphinium is another colourful way to conjure up a free and breezy atmosphere: their bright blue and purple shades carry their light and swift symbolism, and for a really show-stopping arrangement, can be paired with bright yellow sunflowers. Purple and yellow are polar opposites on the colour wheel, making them complementary, and the variety of textures between the delphiniums and sunflowers come together to create a truly memorable statement.

To illustrate your loyalty and happiness as a couple, a range of flowers are available to suit various different interests. For a top-end budget, colourful irises are synonymous with wisdom and faith, and are as fragrant as they are bright. Hydrangeas are of a similar price range, can be found in a broad variety of colours, and are symbolic of understanding. To represent pleasure, sweet peas are a delicate yet bold and fragrant choice, and chrysanthemums are a very affordable and decorative selection, which create a bright and festive atmosphere and are indicative of abundance and wealth.

Your wedding flowers are a statement. So get creative: use your selections of shape, colour, fragrance and meaning as a portrait of your relationship, and look to yourself and your partner for inspiration. How do you make each other feel, and what about your relationship do you want to represent on your special day?