What Moves You?

What Moves You?

What is the one thing that if you did it you would feel so much passion and freedom that you would immediately be at bliss.
Some of you are already there. If you are not, keep reading.
Is it your career?
Is it a nudge you feel down in the pit of your stomach?
A little voice that says “I want to do that”.
Immediately your conscious mind discounts that passionate burning desire with the negative conformity that you are surrounded with everyday. (TV, well meaning family and friends etc)
What happens next?
You take no action and in turn get no results.
And you are Miserable!!

Everyone has their own personal heaven or hell.
Most of us have gone through hell.
It’s painful and obviously not much fun.
For instance my writing was leverage to keep me out of the psychiatric wards not to mention the fact that I was about to become a suicide statistic.
It brought me pleasure.
I read about 800 books in 4 years.
I talked to people (real and imaginary) who were successful.
I went to seminars looking for that next piece of the puzzle.
I had a burning desire to become whole again.
To make a difference
I have said before “what you give you get to keep” and I had given alot of pain to other people in this world.
For every ounce of pain I gave I got a pound back. (So it seemed)
It was time to find peace and closure to my enemy namely myself and my false beliefs.
My burning desire that got me juiced every time became assisting my fellow man with the truth of what he or she could be. Not what others thought they should be.
Wonderful things happen when you help your fellowman. And better yet allow them to assist you.
A new world opens up to you.
I have friends who are salesmen, plumbers, actors, speakers, authors, professional wrestlers, millionaires, musicians, and warriors.
It is not their title that brings them fulfillment. It is their passion, their burning desire, their calling.

They took the challenge and listened to the nudge from within or that hunch to find for themselves what they wanted,
What was the magic thing they did to achieve these results?
They took massive action on their burning desire.
They knew their outcome.
If what they were doing wasn’t working they changed their approach until they got the desired result.

In several of my books the grammar and punctuation is horrendous.
Finished was better than perfect. (My not so infamous Mantra)
It was not the punctuation I was concerned with.
It was the message I wanted to get out.
Getting the message out assisted me more than you will ever know.
It taught me clarity mixed with action is power and in that power I can be “apart of” instead “apart from” this world.
I found my major definite purpose in this life.

Whatever your burning desire I say Do It Now!!
When you have a flash of inspiration Do It Now!!
When you want to put off a task that will free you from your own emotional chains, Do It Now!!
Do It Now!!!

You ask “how do I make up for my past?”
Answer: By cleaning up your future
You ask “How do I start?”
By being the person you always wanted to be at this precise moment.
It’s what I call “acting your way into right thinking”.
You ask. “When is a good time to start?”
Answer: When is Now a good time.

Abundant blessings and peace be with you

Timothy Kendrick