What Matters Most In Life ?

1. Introduction

In life’s journey, it is necessary to learn to distinguish the important from the urgent and the unimportant; the things that have lasting value from those whose value is very temporary. It is wise to start everything by asking oneself will it make a difference 2 years, 5 years, or even 10 years from now? This will help us have a better perspective of what really matters i.e. the things which will last and make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others especially those who are close to us.

2. How do we relate to ourselves and others?

In terms of our accomplishments in our final moments in this life: – what will be the most common recollections? Our wealth, our hurts, or the joy or pain we brought to others? – what would we have done differently if we had another chance? Why not utilize the chance now? In terms of our relationships with others, we can ask: – what will I be remembered for? E.g. my temper or my concern for the less privileged.. (remember Mother Theresa) – is it more important to win a trivial argument and lose a longtime friend? Two years down the line will it matter who won the argument? – does it pay to be depressed by things which will not matter a year down the line? Would it not be more useful to dwell on the things which truly will matter? e.g. if you are in college, the career you choose will matter, however the football team you support may have very little to do with your career so why fight somebody else because they do not support your team? – Is your work more important than your family? Do you spend time with them? When you are 80 years old, what will matter more – the millions you have made or the fact that your family is still in tact?

There are things you can do something about and others you cannot do anything about. Don’t waste time on those you cannot do anything about or else they may even make you sick – high blood pressure, ulcers, etc. Why worry? Doctors tell us that some diseases are caused by worrying too much. Some other diseases are caused by grudges and bitterness. Probably the people who have made you bitter are busy elsewhere enjoying themselves without a clue as to your misery.

3. Conclusion

So think right and do right and life will be much better for you. There is always a need to reflect on what is of value everyday. Everyone should take a few minutes everyday to audit each day and to ask oneself – was I the best I could ever be? How many people did I hurt knowingly?  It is difficult to undo the hurt we do to others. We should therefore always try to avoid hurting people in the first place by what we say and do. The tongue (mouth) usually is the greatest culprit in hurting others and creating unnecessary enemies.

When all has been said and done what matters most? Think about it.