What Makes a Good recruitment Consultancy?

The UK recruitment industry is highly competitive and is one which is characterized by a frequent entry of new start-up consultancies. The teeming number of recruitment consultancies invariably means that there will always be those recruitment consultancies which are sub-standard in terms of the service they provide and the results they achieve. Hence, it is important for individuals and organizations to know what to look for in a recruitment consultancy. One of the first things that will make a good consultancy is for it to be able to have a full understanding of the cultural and organizational needs of its clients. Quanta is able to meet this criterion because it builds and maintains close relationships with top-tier management. This allows Quanta to not only obtain immediate visibility on jobs, but it also enables them to tailor their service to meet the exact requirements of their clients.

A good recruitment consultancy should have the necessary resources, tools and human capital that will enable it to consistently deliver a high quality service. Again, it can be said that Quanta meets this requirement because the recruitment consultants that work at Quanta are highly trained professionals who have many years of experience in delivering top quality recruitment services. This means that they can provide excellent advice and guidance to clients regardless of their chosen vertical market or discipline. Quanta also enjoys the benefit of having some of the most sophisticated array of back office tools. This enables Quanta to keep one step ahead of the competition. It is also make them more efficient in the way they conduct their business.

A good recruitment firm should also be customer-oriented. As such, they should customize their service in such a way that will provide their clients with comprehensive and extensive support. Quanta is a recruitment consultancy that is fully dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients and therefore, they have designed a program called the candidate care program. The candidate care program has the sole aim of providing support to candidate after a placement has been successfully secured. This program goes a long way in ensuring that Quanta’s candidates can immediately settle in their new roles.

A good recruitment agency should also be flexible in the way it operates. Quanta shows its flexibility because it provides it services on a local, national or international scale. The company also specializes in both contract and permanent roles over different sectors.