What Makes a Good Car Stereo

Some Car Stereos Are Better Than Others

Whether it costs $100 or $1,000 a good car stereo system isn’t good unless the listener is happy with the end results. If the music doesn’t “sound right,” even a high-end system can be classified as junk by the listener.

For drivers who like to listen to a lot of different types of music, the key to finding the best car stereo is a system that offers some control. Treble and bass, speaker levels and so on should be adjustable for different kinds of music. Speaker quality, too, must be high for the picky listener to be pleases.

The tones necessary to make a classical movement sound “live” or a rock track to make the listener feel “he’s there” can be a little different. The bass might need to be more prominent for one style over and other. Sometimes the sounds are better with the speakers or treble adjusted.

Those who like to listen to different styles and do so a lot tend to gravitate toward stereo systems that allow more listener control. With equalizers, individualized settings and even presets for the controls, these listeners want it all and stereo makers are willing to provide it.

Some listeners know what “sounds good” for a particular musical genre, but they’re unable to match the settings themselves. For these there are even car stereo systems that come preprogrammed for different musical genres. Just click a button to create a rock setting or another for jazz and so on.

In general the better car stereo systems offer some diversity in sound quality. The more user control, in some cases, the better. For others, the more presets factory programmed the better.

Anyone in the market for a car stereo system should consider the type of music that will be played and find a system that “sounds” right with that genre. Control will almost always be necessary if multiple styles are desired, but that doesn’t necessarily have to boost up a price out of reach.

Buying a car stereo can be a costly undertaking. The best bet is to find a stereo that adjusts by itself or at the user’s hands to ensure a higher quality, more balanced sound. If possible, listen to the systems under consideration or at least read past user reports and look at the product specs. The more control, the better.

Musical sound quality is a very subjective thing. For those who enjoy high quality, the ability to adjust is a big deal.

Source: https://positivearticles.com