What Kind Of Pillow Is Suitable For You?

After a long hard day, the last thing that touches you before you go asleep is your pillow! Some people like a firm pillow, while others prefer something soft to sink into. Whatever your choice, your pillow is perhaps the most personal item of bed linen, so it’s important to choose the right one at the right time.

Choosing a right pillow, which is suitable and comfortable to you needs some attention. Many people do the mistake of not giving proper importance in selecting a pillow, which they need. For selecting a suitable pillow, you need to know about the types and variants of the fillings used in a pillow.

Natural Pillow Fillings

If you prefer natural fillings, then goosedown is the one for you. Durable and naturally breathable, goosedown provides an ultra light covering, whilst not losing any warmth. While goosedown is the lightest and most luxurious of all the fillings, it’s not always suitable for those with allergies. The soft feathers can irritate asthma sufferers.

For those who compromise on the price, feathers is a good option. It is possible to get pillows containing various mixtures of down and feathers. These combined feather and down pillows are often a good compromise between quality and affordability.

Synthetic Pillow Fillings

Synthetic fillings such as cotton touch, spundown, and perfect balance offer the advantage of being machine washable and equally comfortable and warm.

Suggested high quality synthetic pillows include:
• Perfect balance – if you like the feel and luxurious of down, but suffer from allergies, then this duvet and pillow filling is for you. The closest filling to down you will find!
• Cotton touch – a soft plump filling with cotton cover suitable for all the family
• Spundown – a soft lightweight filling that can be machine washed at home at 60 degrees, the correct temperature for killing dust mites

You need to update your pillow as often as you update your duvet. But it’s nice to update your pillow more regularly. Treat yourself – even a small change to your bedtime routine like a new pillow can mean instant luxury and a little touch of happiness before you sleep.