What is your Sign?

This just occurred. It is a true story. One of my personal success habits is exercising every morning – my mind, my spirit, and my body.

Just today, I was exercising on the bike and the guy next to me said, ‘Hey John, what’s your sign?’ I said, ‘Champion Sign. He said, ‘No, no, no. What is your Zodiac sign?’ I said, ‘I don’t understand what Zodiac is.’

He said, ‘What’s your horoscope?’. I said, ‘Whoa, Whooaa, Whhoooaaa, Whhoooaa. Horoscope sign. I don’t focus on anything that is horrible.’ (Horror Scope) 🙂

He says, ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘Let’s break the word down. Horo – Scope. It’s a Horrible Focus. I’m a Champion just like you. Your sign is a Champion Sign because your birthright means you were born a Champion.’

Let me say that again. When someone asks you what your sign is, you say…

‘Champion by Birthright’

See, too many people start to ride a system and a belief structure that based upon the time of day and year they were born and what sign they are determines their future.

More people have had catastrophic results because of that decision to say…

‘What is your sign?’ He got very strong with me and said…’Well, I disagree with you.’ I said, ‘That’s par for the course for me. I’m used to disagreement, but I truly believe brother… (and I looked him right in the eye)…

*I believe you are a Champion. I believe you have been held hostage by the determination of your success in your daily horoscope*”

He said, ‘Well I get an email every day to see what my day is going to bring based upon my sign.’

I said, ‘Well, let’s reverse that and say ‘Everyday is a Champion Day. Expect Championship Results. Expect, Speak, Believe Championship Results based upon your Champion sign.’

How much your results in life would have changed if you would have lived that mindset? If you determined and decided and got committed to realizing and believing your sign is a Champion. You are a Champion, brother.

I believe you are a Champion.

You may disagree with my belief structure about the horoscope, but I’d rather have a *Champion-Scope* I’d rather focus in on you being a Champion.’

And I said to him, ‘Doesn’t that sound better?’

He smiled and said, ‘John I have to agree with you. I believe you are right about that.’

I said, ‘The most important thing is that you have to believe in yourself, that You are a Champion.’

So, let’s recap ‘What is your Sign?’

Your sign is a Champion Sign. Now start living out what a Champion does.

A Champion…

– Believes

– Expects

– Speaks

– Finds Their Why Daily

– Builds Their Why Daily

– Develops Champion Millionaire Habits.

And Yes, I believe You are a Champion.

So, sum it up, when someone asks you what your sign is, what are you going to say?

Say, ‘I am a Champion. My sign is Champion by my birthright.’