What Is The Secret?

The Secret is a film that was produced by Prime Time Productions. It is actually a series of film that focus on the idea of “The Law Of Attraction”. There are multiple interviews and dramatic episodes that enhance the idea. The controversial film has caused a whirlwind of publicity with famous people like Oprah Winfrey and Larry King weighing in on what they think about it.

The film was initially described as being a self-help film. It was created in a documentary style. The actual “secret” is the explanation of the “Law of Attraction” which has successfully been used for centuries. The film is quite dramatic, however the main premises are true. There are many people featured in the film including specialists, feng shui masters, moneymaking experts, spiritual experts, and personal coaches.

The principle is that under the “Law of Attraction” the things that people feel and think attract real things in life. It stems from the cosmos to the personal relationships people form with people. The belief is that these things target physical, emotional, and professional aspects of every person’s life, whether they understand it or not. The dramatic aspect of the film includes the notion that those in positions of power have not wanted to reveal this secret to others and strive to keep it hidden from the public.

There are three things on the list of The Secret that must be done before can occur.

1) Ask
2) Believe
3) Receive

These are the main points of the “Law of Attraction”. The answer portion of the steps is described as being what the universe can do for you, personally.

The film shows many interviews with professionals on the topic. There are many authors and experts in fields of physics, metaphysics, philosophy, coaching, finance, and other topics used. People who are experts in feng shui, medicine, and psychology are also interviewed. They are spoken of as the “teachers” of the powerful secret.

There are also interesting quotes from historical figures within the film. These people included Buddha, Aristotle, Plato, Isaac Newton, Martin Luther King, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Within historical limitations, the foundations of the secret had roots in the New Thought ideas. These began in the late 19th century and are still studied today.

The implications of The Secret are mysterious and unusual. However, there are many people today practicing their lives with the intent of using the principles described within the film. The idea may sound strange throughout the movie, but the basic ideas of receiving what you put out into the world is not that uncommon. Using the belief system can help you gain success and happiness within the world.

Chapter 1
The Secret Revealed

Chapter 2
The Secret made Simple

Chapter 3
How to use the Secret

Chapter 4
Powerful Processes

Chapter 5
The Secret to Money

Chapter 6
The Secret to Relationships

Chapter 7
The Secret to Health

Chapter 8
The Secret to the World

Chapter 9
The Secret to You

Chapter 10
The Secret to Life

Deleted Chapter
Science of the Secret
Available on DVD.


Know what you want and ask the universe for it.

This is where you need to get clear on what it is you want to create and visualize what you want as being as ‘real’ as possible.


Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way.

Focus your thoughts and your language on what it is you want to attract. You want to feel the feeling of really ‘knowing’ that what you desire is on its way to you, even if you have to trick yourself into believing it – do it.


Be open to receiving it.

Pay attention to your intuitive messages, synchronicities, signs from the Universe to help you along the way as assurance you are on the ‘right’ path. As you align yourself with the Universe and open yourself up to receiving, the very thing you are wanting to manifest will show up.