What is the Raw Food Diet?

You probably have heard of the latest fad in the weight loss industry. In case you haven’t, the latest fad is the Raw Food Diet. This latest craze is rapidly becoming more and more popular among the health conscious individuals. Raw Food Diet is not just a type of dietary scheme that will help you lose a few extra pounds; this type of dietary scheme is also a diet for a longer and healthier life.

Most of us probably have ignored the fact that we are consuming too much processed foods. We probably haven’t considered if the type of food that we consume have any nutritional value or if the food we eat is good for our body.

So what is a Raw Food Diet? A Raw Food Diet is a dietary scheme wherein one must eat foods that are raw, in its natural form or unprocessed foods. There are several factors why the Raw Food Diet is the dietary plan that you must follow. The main reason is that if the food is processed or cooked, a significant amount of nutrients either dissipates or is lost. For example, if you cook a piece of meat on a al dente stage – or medium stage – it may contain more calories, however, it will contain more nutrients than that of a meat cooked in a “well done” manner. Another example is the skin of most vegetable. Remember what your mom used to say, “Never peel a carrot or potato too deep”, the reason for that is because most of the nutrients of the vegetable is just well within the skin of the vegetable.

Raw Food Diet means that you will have to consume foods that are not processed, not cooked, organic, whole foods or fruits and vegetables, etc. Raw Food Diet does not literally mean that you have to eat everything raw; you can consume cooked foods as long as it is at leas 75 percent unprocessed or uncooked. Cooking foods not only removes some of the flavors of the food, it also removes some of its essential vitamins and nutrients.

Bear this in mind, if you want to follow the Raw Food Diet, you must also have regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle to go with it so that you will have a longer and much healthier life. The human body must work in order to for its systems to become efficient.