What Is The Optimum Time To Go On A Diet?

Dropping a dress size, much like a big night out, tends to be one of those things we like to don’t rush. For ages we are saying that we are going to reduce your waist. Perhaps you gulp down your final chunk of chocolate cake and you count down to the time you will begin your weight loss.

You have to focus yourself so you can beat the pain heading in your direction. Commitment is what is required and you will be requiring all the assistance you can in order to drop a few pounds.

Eventually the big day arrives – you begin your exercise plan – yet almost immediately you’ve had enough again. All that planning for so little an increase in fitness.

What gives?

The solution , you might have guessed, is that a certain something got your attention. Something you see as being more important than your health. Maybe it was a meal out or a school reunion and it’s as though you never started.

Lots of individuals will try to time the beginning of an exercise program to get around situations where temptations such as this could arise. People aim to begin an diet regime in conjunction with a relation or over a vacation period to try and make it easier for them. The evidence would suggest it’s a great idea, for most people it’s a long way from the truth.

The reason for this is an easy one – you may behave yourself for a while but when one of the multitude of hurdles you face each day crops up, you’re not prepared to deal with it and so we use it an an excuse to go back to eating junk and quitting running (or both).

Far more use on day one of your diet to have a slight set back, and then to keep fighting. These ocassional set backs will surely help to get you ready and get you used to coping with the crap you will experience and means you can make it through the winter an even more focused dieter.

Relish the hiccups as a challenge. Feel the pride of each one you beat and you will grow ever more of a winner. All of a sudden you’ll find hiccups have become positive things not things to be fearful of.

And here’s a further surprising point to making a success of weight loss – and one that I have only just experienced for myself by mistake.

Consider how many diets or exercise programs have you started and stopped during your life? How many times have you given up? When you gave up, besides feeling a tiny bit depressed for a while what happened? Not very much. Your hunsband or wife didn’t start ignoring you. You company didn’t close down. The sun still rose the next day.

In other words you’re used to quitting, and you’re aware that nothing nasty will happen .

But what if it did happen? Consider if failure couldn’t happen? Let’s say that a doctor said to you that you had to lose 50lb in the next 9 months or you’ll die? Or that your spouse says they won’t tie the knot unless you lose that weight?

If you consider the situation in that light, it soon gets wonderfully easy to stick to your diet.

My goal has been to lose weight, then once I’ve lost the weight to find a spouse. Now I find that half way to the finale of my diet I have come into contact with a beautiful lady plus I am finding it reasonably simple to stay disciplined on my diet because I want to make them respect what I’m doing.

What exactly could you put in place to make certain winning is the only option for you? Could you plan a photo shoot? Or else tell everyone what you’re doing.

Whatever is needed to almost totally eliminate the chance of you giving up. Take action on it. It’ll be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself.