What is the Mullet Hairstyle

They’ve been the butt of jokes for years and even picked on incessantly in movies such as “Joe Dirt,” but that doesn’t mean mullet hairstyles have gone completely out of style. Many men still prefer this style for a lot of reasons, and some women, too, seem to enjoy them even though fashion dictates they’re out.

But what is a mullet exactly?

The once highly stylish hair fad of the 1990s is actually two hair cuts in one. The style involves a short look in the front with long hair in the back. A combination cut, the mullet can actually take on a number of different forms. The reasons why the style was (and remains in some circles) so favored by men (and women) are many and include:

* The short front styling gives the wearer a clean cut, well groomed appearance from the front. Since the long hair in the back is hidden from a direct view, the “wilder side” isn’t readily visible. This is great for those with a need to look conventional, but still want to show off their more rebellious side.
* Ability to maintain longer hair in a short hair world. Some people simply like long hair, but for men, it’s generally frowned upon by society. The mullet kind of gave (gives) them the best of both worlds.
* Ease of care. Since the top and sides are generally well coiffed, styling is relatively easy. Maintaining the front on look, however, does require fairly frequent cutting.

Mullets during the 1990s were so popular, in fact, many a male runway model sported the look. Gucci models, for example, were well known to wear the style and the famous models even gave it a few twists of their own by introducing such features as spikes and more to the look.

Mullets aren’t considered the top of style any more, but that doesn’t mean people don’t still wear and like them. For men who want a long look in the back and a more tailored front-on appearance, the mullet tends to be a favorite. When the back hair is tied into a ponytail, it’s hard for anyone to tell long hair is present, which for professional men sometimes is a good thing.

High fashion may dictate the mullet is a style of the past, but that doesn’t mean the look doesn’t still have its fans. Neat and clean for a head on look and rebellious and long in the back, the mullet combines two hairstyles into one, giving wearers the best of two worlds.

Source: https://positivearticles.com