What is the Modeling Open Call

The modeling industry, like every other industry, uses a specific vocabulary or lingo to accomplish specific tasks. And one term that you may often hear is “open call.”

Open Call Defined

An open call is your time to define yourself as a model. Agencies are always looking for new models and to compensate for the large number of modeling potentials, they devote a part of their time towards interviews and portfolio reviews. The way that you present yourself in an open-call determines your success at attracting an agent and booking several modeling jobs.

Finding Open Calls

Open calls aren’t always advertised in the classified ads. Sometimes, you’ve got to go hunt them out yourself! No biggie – just call the agencies in your area and make a note of when they’re holding open calls.

Dress Appropriately And Look “Model Best”

Naturally, you’ll want to look “model best”. A “model best” isn’t necessarily the same thing as “your best.” Agencies want to see a natural beauty that they can work with, so don’t wear excessive make up or over-style your hair. If you approach an open call with a lot of make up on and a crazy hairdo, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to go to the restroom, wash your face and brush your hair – or worse. You could be asked to leave. You really won’t need any more than face powder, lip-gloss, and a little mascara.

Your clothing should be as modest and conservative as your cosmetics and hairstyle, and they should appear comfortable on you.

Bring Photos With You

Although you’re appearing in person to open calls – and an agency that’s interested in working with you will prefer to use their own photographers for test shots, you should still bring along a few professional full body and face shot photographs of yourself.

You may hear others tell you the exact opposite – that professional photographs are unnecessary and that Polaroid’s will suffice. But you’ll make a better impression with professional photographs. Professional photographs show people that you’re serious about this career and that you care enough about the way you’re presented to get them!

Show Some Personality

This isn’t the time to be shy – nor is it a time to be flamboyant. But you certainly don’t want to look like a bump on a log. Talk, listening, laugh, and show that you care about what the agency is looking for.

Source: https://positivearticles.com