What is the Million-Dollar Question that Can Unleash Your Full Potential Overnight?

By the time you finish reading this article, you will have discovered a simple question that will show you how powerful you are and how you can unleash your unlimited potential.

Have you realized that you have unlimited potential? Look at the legendary success stories throughout history and you will soon discover that there are no boundaries for human potential.

But why can’t you unleash your potential? Why do you settle for less and keep doing what you’ve always done? Why are you acting like a bird in a nest, going out every day searching for a living, then coming back at night to sleep in your nest?

Here is a simple―yet extremely powerful―question that will expand your mind and expose you to your unlimited potential. Most importantly, this question will reveal to you the top two obstacles that hinder you from unleashing your true potential.

Here it is…

*** What would you do if the universe kicked you out of your nest and took away all of your excuses?

Imagine that the universe has imposed a magical force on you that gets you out of your comfort zone―your nest―and eliminates all the excuses that you think are holding you back, so that for the first time you can do whatever you want and achieve your wildest dreams.

What would you do? How different are you going to live your life? What actions are you going to take? What dreams are you going to pursue? What goals are you going to set for yourself? How confident will you be?

It would be like waking up in a new world with unlimited possibilities and opportunities to do whatever you want.

The sad thing is that some people would not even know what they wanted, and that is the true misery of life. So it is extremely important to know what you want and to find your true purpose in life―then you can look for ways to fulfill that purpose and overcome the challenges that you might face. But if you are waiting for the “perfect time” to start pursuing your dreams and finding your purpose in life, then you are sabotaging your chances to act on the opportunities that might appear to you throughout your life. And that is just because you don’t know what you really want.

As you can see, the million-dollar question reveals the top two obstacles that hinder people from realizing their full potential. Here they are:

1. Your comfort zone:

You get used to your life, accept mediocrity, and settle for less. Why? Because you don’t want to go after the unknown. You say to yourself “it is better to stay with what I know” and “I can’t make it big anyway”. So your comfort zone is the #1 dream killer. Take a stand now and get out of your nest. Get out of your comfort zone and live a life that is worth living. Make your life a masterpiece.

2. Making excuses:

Stop making excuses. Excuses are just reasons for not taking action. They are illusions behind which you hide your laziness. Tell me about a successful person who didn’t face challenges along the way. The difference between successful people and failures is that successful people don’t make excuses―they take 100% responsibility for their lives.

To sum up, you have unlimited potential. The top two ways to unleash that potential are to get out of your comfort zone and to stop making excuses.

Ask yourself the million-dollar question…

What would I do if the universe kicked me out of my nest and took away all of my excuses?

Take some time off today to answer this question and you will be amazed at the answers that you will come up with. You will discover a lot about yourself and you will awaken your dreams again.

You are magnificent, and the world is full of abundance. You just need to believe in yourself and follow your spiritual impulse…your true purpose in life.