What Is The First Thing To Do To Relieve Stress?

A friend told me yesterday that another good friend had been prescribed with anti-depressants so as to help relieve stress. The gentleman in question is going through a difficult separation and is experiencing difficulty in dealing with the associated unavoidable pressures.

My immediate response was to ask what else he was doing to help himself? Is he getting some exercise in daily so as to aid the release of feel-good endorphins? Is he participating in a yoga class or meditation perhaps? Is he using self-hypnosis to quiet his mind and soothe himself? Is he talking through his worries with someone who is qualified to assist? Is he eating a healthy and nutritious diet?

My point is that surely the taking of anti-depressants should not be his first port of call? Depending upon your upbringing and environment you will be predisposed to deal with problems in certain ways. These go-to methods, however, might not be optimal. It pays, where stress is concerned, to “think outside the box” and look around for alternative treatments.

There is in fact medical research, which indicates that exercise can be just as effective as anti-depressants. Research has also shown the soothing and mood boosting effect of meditation or self-hypnosis.

We live in a “quick-fix” and “least effort involved” culture. To take an anti-depressant fits this bill. But is it really the correct answer? It is often the case that a little more effort will achieve better results. When one’s health and well-being is concerned I would always advocate leaving no stone unturned.

It is up to us as individuals to do whatever we can to take responsibility for our own health. Yes, MDs and other medical personnel are there to assist us, but we have to help ourselves as well.

In terms of the treatment of stress, you will likely find that to partake of regular appropriate exercise, employ meditation or hypnosis on an equally regular basis and to take your prescribed medication will be an optimal combination to get you feeling better quickly.

The treatment methods that you can put in place for yourself should not be seen as alternative. They are complementary, although it does have to be said that they will in some cases do the trick all on their own!

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads for stress, health and well-being.

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