What Is The Big Deal About Celtic Tattoos

Ireland is the home of the Celtic people. This warrior nation excelled in combat against such nations as Rome and Gaul. Sometimes the lost and sometimes they won, but they left a legacy that has transcended to modern times. These warriors were proud of their clan and practiced Celtic tattooing or body art as a form of expression that showed their loyalty and promoted the clan in which they belonged. Recently Celtic tattoos are becoming popular as a way to signify a purpose or statement. Even more common is that a person picks out their Celtic tattoo for aesthetic purposes only.

The Celtic tattoo patterns are found in the ‘The Book of Kells’ which is a pictorial display of Celtic tradition and heritage. Used by tattoo artist around the world the Celtic tattoo is the most recognizable among the tribal tattoo genre. Taken from the metalwork that resembled the tattoo and the tattoo themselves, the artwork and intricacy of each tattoo shows labor and faith put into its creation. The talent of the original artist should be sought in the tattoo artist that you choose. The process is labor intensive because of the intricate pattern and could be expensive, but you will come out with a tattoo that any person of Celtic descent would recognize with honor.

Known as the hardest designs in the world by tattoo artists, the Celtic tattoo session can take up to several hours were a simple tattoo can be accomplished in one or two. The extra effort and skill it takes to get a Celtic tattoo also requires the monetary application that fits that skill. Celtic tattoos can run from two hundred dollars all the way up to five thousand dollars. Some traditionalists will t ravel to Ireland, Scotland, or Wales to have the tattoo applied by one of the descendents of the Celtic clans. If you travel to some of these destinations to have your tattoo drawn, be prepared to be turned down by some artists because you are not of Celtic ancestry.

The popular areas of the body where a Celtic tattoo can be drawn are usually around the bicep or calve muscles. These tattoos not only draw notice to these areas but on most people it gives a sense of beauty. Weight lifters and other athletic people that have large muscles in this area of the body choose to put their Celtic tattoos there to give that area more notice. There are some cases, with especially women, the Celtic tattoo is extended and drawn around their waist curving toward sensual places of their body. This alluring tattoo will carry the same Celtic design but will alter to place emphasis on the curve of the body and the amount of exotic design the customer wants. The extreme body art enthusiast has been known to have a Celtic tattoo around their neck or across their forehead. These areas of the body are for experienced tattoo wearers who consider their entire canvas for the art.