What Is The Best Beginner Telescope?

Are you considering getting into backyard astronomy? Even though there is much good with Hubble Space Telescope images, there is nothing like having your own telescope to view the heavens.

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* What You Need To Get Into Backyard Astronomy?
* What Is A Good Beginner Telescope?
* Looking At The Different Brands And Buying Your First Telescope

* What You Need To Get Into Backyard Astronomy?
There was once a time when we didn’t have such advanced optical scientific instruments, such as telescopes. In the basic form, all that you require to view the heavens is to step outside and look up!

However, with all the good equipment available, wouldn’t it be nice to actually take a peep at these great objects in space? The telescopes available today, allow this.

In essence then, a telescope is one great way for a beginner to start getting the most out of our universe! The next point is to also have a good start atlas and or a practical astronomy book, which can help you go from beginner to intermediate astronomy hobbyist.

* What Is A Good Beginner Telescope?
The adage – you get what you pay for holds true in this case also. I have seen many cheap telescopes for sale that don’t do much. Yes, they ok to look at the Moon, but start trying to use them for planets or deep space objects, and the problem becomes known – they are no good for true astronomy!

The solution is to invest in a good telescope. These telescopes generally range in the price range of $150 to $500, and you also have those less than the $150, and those that reach skies the limit! Setting a budget is a great idea!

If it is your first telescope, and you want to do some backyard astronomy, then sticking around the $250 mark should result in you buying a good scientific instrument that will last for years.

* Looking At The Different Brands And Buying Your First Telescope
There are many different brands for telescopes. Listing all of them would be pointless, because of space constraints!

Some of these companies produce and sell tens of thousands of telescopes each year, while some only sell a handful. What we will focus on, is the proven telescopes that produce amazing results.

Companies such as Meade, Celestron, and Orion are manufacturers who produce some great models. These companies are proven, in that they offer good optics, good telescopes, and good support.

These companies also produce a wide range of models. This is a bonus because you can find low end versions, middle priced versions, and higher end versions that are great for small and medium sized observatories!

Buying your first telescope can be done through specialized stores that deal with astronomy and telescopes. The alternative is to go online, as there are many stores that specialize in telescopes for astronomy.