What Is Meditation

Meditation means “to familiarize”. The idea is become more
comfortable with a state of mind that is not overwhelmed
by many of our daily concerns but instead tunes into our
true essence. By practicing meditation. we can have another
angle to look at disturbing situations and develop our
humor,compassion and wisdom.

Different traditions use various phrases for this Being with
which we commune .Some western and eastern traditions speak
of God, Atman, Self, The One or Emptiness. It is getting in
touch with what’s timeless and unchanging and beyond the ups
and downs of daily life. This gives us an anchor within
daily life when adverse conditions appear.

If you are a beginner, an easy form recommended in many
different traditions is to focus on your breath . Sit
comfortably in a chair or on a cushion with your back
straight. Close your eyes and just concentrate on the breath
going in and going out, listening and feeling it. Various
thoughts will come up about family, work, tomorrow etc but
just gently bring your mind back to the breath without
pursuing them.

Some say that the beginner’s mind is the best because there
aren’t a lot of concepts and ideas clogging it up or any ego
pride about being an advanced student. Meditation for
beginner can be done with a candle or soft music to help let
the worries of the day fade away. If the weather is
pleasant, a beach or park setting is ideal for meditating.
You can just keep it ten to fifteen minutes a day and you’ll
feel refreshed and renewed. This should be something you
look forward to and not feel like work. If it seems dry,
try to find a way to revitalize your practice.

Source: https://positivearticles.com