What is Lidar Detection

Laser Detection Takes On New Form
There’s a lot of buzz about photo lidar among those who employ radar detectors in their cars to avoid tickets.

But what is this technology? Why should drivers be concerned? And how does a driver detect the detector?

Operating using the same technology as a laser gun, lidar uses light waves rather than radio to clock speeds. This technology is more advanced than radar and has become the rage in recent years.

Unlike radar, laser or lidar basically clocks the time an infrared beam of light takes to reach a car and bounce back to its initial starting point. This time is multiplied by the speed of light to calculate how far away an object is. Through this the laser device is able to arrive at a calculation that reveals an object’s speed.

Taking this technology and adding onto it, photo lidar is generally a stationary set up that allows law enforcement to have “speed” traps all over their jurisdictions. Mounting photo lidar on traffic lights and so on, the devices can “witness” violations, and then enact the use of a digital camera to record the violation. With that done, the law enforcement agency can simply send a ticket in the mail to the car’s owner. The whole process can be completed within a matter of minutes, too.

What’s worse for drivers is the fact this system is effective not only for recording speeds, but also for catching those that run lights and so on. It may be a newer use of the technology, but lidar is not something to take lightly.

If you’ve ever had the feeling you were being watched while driving, it might have just been a photo lidar system. Saying cheese for this camera is not something you want to do!

Inasmuch, protecting against photo lidar with a detection system might be in order. Since these systems rely on laser, a radar detector that also checks for laser or one that reads it exclusively might be in order. Oftentimes, too, the camera and mounting system can easily be seen by motorists at traffic lights.

Use a little common sense and if you see a camera mounted on a light, by all means stop on red!

Source: https://positivearticles.com