What Is It That Motivates You

Motivation is a call to action; a thought that says it’s time to move on an idea. It is the mind that makes the call; it’s time to create an experience or demonstrate physically a thought in action. And the physical world is the playground for thoughts manifested into experience.

It’s 8 am, two days after Christmas and I am sitting at my desk in front of my computer at home. A ship has been tied up at dock for two days just below my window. It is getting ready to set sail, its cargo fully loaded and the captain eager to move. He makes the decision and calls for tugs to pull him from the dock. The lines are pulled and the powerful little tugs ease the ship from its moorings. The captain’s desire to move has been set in motion and the ship is off to fulfill its destiny.

The ship is the vessel for the mind, which is the captain. So which of these (captain or ship) is life and which is inanimate? Which is needed to demonstrate a ship filled with cargo sailing the ocean to another port? Without the ship there is no captain, and without the captain there is no ship; the experience cannot be manifested. They are inseparable and intimately connected. Both are objects of an experience imagined; it is only the experience that is real. It is the experience that is being manifested not the objects. There must be thought first, then intent, and cooperation between captain and vessel.

The very nature of life is movement. Where there is no movement you will find no life or no will to move. For humanity, movement requires an interaction with other things. Life wants to be recognized as being alive and therefore it seeks out other life forms to demonstrate its own existence. But it also uses so called lifeless things to accomplish the same thing. The separation between life forms is really just an illusion.

It is the mind wanting the body to move forward, and it has instructed the right leg to move first. The right leg then rests and waits for the left leg to catch up and move forward. Both are now working together in harmony with what the mind wants. We now have life demonstrated or experienced as being alive because it is moving; it is a thought put into motion. In other words a thought experienced physically.

All objects are alive in the truest sense of the word in that they have movement at a molecular level. We don’t consider them sentient, but it is life, and it is the same life that animates us. It uses the same intelligence or mind to animate. There is not a separate mind for sentience or non sentience life.

Does the right leg know why it is moving or that the left leg and body will follow its lead? Is it only the mind that knows intent and outcome of movement? Likewise the ego commands spirit; not the other way around as we have been taught. The ego is the captain, the spirit is the power which creates, and it is the mind that motivates these actions. This is backwards from most religious teachings.

All physical elements are a thought manifested. If you are religious then you will know that it was God’s thoughts made manifest as a physical universe. There is intelligence in everything you see, touch, smell, taste or feel. All things are moving at a molecular level and respond to thought. That has been demonstrated by quantum physicists in lab experiments many times. The thoughts of the observer influence the movement of sub molecular particles that he/she is watching.

I have been cooped up in my house for three days except for the times spent during the day to keep my car from being buried by the snow plow. In fear of loosing my space I have not been motivated to move the car anywhere. I am the only one on the street who has bothered to shovel out their space. I fear that as soon as I leave, the space will be filled, and I will have no place to park. Of course there are other choices; there always are.

Quite possibly the desire to move is not strong enough or I am missing the insight into the benefits of getting out of my box. Right now the coffin is feeling comfortable, but at the same time I am starting to feel a bit closed in (cabin fever). I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I have missed out on the opportunity to be with others. I could have reached out to be with others who don’t celebrate the season but I chose not to. The fact is that I’m loosing energy, my batteries need to be recharged and I need to find life so that I know I’m alive.

At this point I left the computer on and took a chance that my parking spot would still be there when I returned. I had breakfast and then purchased some groceries; all the time talking to as many people as possible. My energy level now moving up, my only concern was my parking spot. Coming up the hill on my street I noticed from a distance that a car was in my spot. Before I had time to panic I recognized the car as my neighbor’s, and we agreed that he would move in there when I was gone to protect my spot.

So I manifested everything well. My left hand served my right and I did everything that I wanted. All of the fear that I had for the last four days was a waist of time. My thoughts are our own worst enemy.

However, the hidden thought was that I would prove or disprove my theory about a car moving into my spot. Because that was foremost on my mind; connecting with people may not have been the intent but a motive. Both events happened, a car had moved in, but it was with a prior arrangement and one I physically had control over. He wasn’t home when I left, so the real challenge was to have him come back before me and before anyone else could take of the space.

This is just one simple little situation that happens to every one of us every day. In hindsight we can all see how well we created our circumstances and how things work out for us. The bottom line has not been revealed in this situation. There is no doubt that I overcame the fear that was holding me back from leaving my parking spot. But did I do it to prove my theory about someone moving in as soon as I left or did I demonstrate that by overcoming fear, things work out in my favour; that it works for me?

What was the low energy or antsy feeling about? Did that come first as a way to motivate me to move forward? Or did I want to demonstrate my thoughts about my space and then create the low energy and closed in feeling? For four days I have been thinking about the parking. I only noticed the low energy this morning.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that for most of the time that we do things, and we do not know why we do or want them. For instance we may say that we want a million dollars so that we can be happy. But what is it that we really want. We may get the million a few months after requesting it, and then at the same time we get terminal cancer. So where is the happiness? The truth is that if we wanted to experience happiness we did not need to create the million dollars. We could have a thought about being happy and then experience it in any situation. We could also manifest a million dollars just for the sake of experiencing it without any emotion attached. If the intent is not understood your desire may not be experienced.

The truth is that most of us just lumber forward putting one foot in front of the other trying to maintain our balance and without not really knowing why or where it will lead us.

Although this really is the only purpose for life, it does not satisfy the ego. The proof is in this writing. When I started it I had know idea where it was going. I just wanted to fill up some space. My ego is now satisfied.

Life is movement; that is all it is. It has no motive, no purpose, and no feelings. Life is spirit driven by the desire of the mind to animate the body to experience something physical. It is not a learning process; it is a doing process. And as for your involvement; reading this article is simply an opportunity for you to dismiss it as being either this or that in your experience. It only has purpose or value if you give it some. You’ll find that all experiences in your life are like that. You create them to experience something or nothing at all. It’s still all about doing.

When you discover the difference between your motivation and what your intent is; you will better be able to focus your power to create what you really want, and get the correct results.

What motivates you? What are your intentions and are they in harmony with desire?