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What is hCG Diet and How Does It Work?

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Many will always look for ways to lose some weight off their body. They can do this in several ways, like exercising or having a controlled diet. If you focused on diet alone, it could take time to gain the desired results, especially if you do not have time to exercise. This is where some people would take other substances or supplements to improve their weight loss further.

One supplement that some are using nowadays is hCG diet drops. They incorporate this into their diet, and when executed properly, the person will get significant weight loss results in the long run. But before you plan on getting one in the future, you need to know how the hCG diet works.

What really is It?

It’s expected that some are still new to hCG. You need to know that hCG is a hormone that is usually found in pregnant women. Its main objective is to control metabolic function throughout the entire pregnancy process.

Because of the efforts of Dr Simeons 50 years ago, it has been discovered that the hormone has properties that can benefit a person trying to control or hit a weight goal. Throughout the years, several scientists have found several forms of hCG to be potent whenever a person needs to achieve a certain weight quickly.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned, hCG’s main purpose is to break down and burn abnormal fat deposits. This is due to your body using the stored calories released by fat cells. Aside from the diet drops, breaking down fat faster, it also helps keep your diet under control.

The best way to get the full effects of the hCG diet drops is to follow the three stages of the hCG diet:

  • Loading Stage – Once you take the hCG, you need to consume tons of high-calorie foods for at least two days.
  • Weight Loss Stage – In this stage, you should still keep taking hCG while ensuring you stick to eating a maximum of 500 calories per day. The best way to build up your calories is to eat twice, which is lunch and dinner. You have to continue this stage for at least three to six days. 
  • Maintenance Stage – After you finish the weight loss stage, you need to stop taking hCG. This is the point where you have to slowly increase food intake, all the while avoiding sugary and starchy foods for the next three weeks.

When you follow the three stages of the hCG diet, you can expect the weight loss results you were aiming for. In some instances, people who do not want a laid-back hCG diet would stay in the weight loss stage for three weeks. For those who want faster results, they have to keep up with the diet for six weeks. Sometimes, they would repeat all three stages several times to reach their weight loss goal as quickly as possible.

Now that you know how an hCG diet works, you may want to get yourself the diet drops right away. Make sure you only get the best drops from reliable stores if you want the hCG to work.

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