What Is Good Vaping Etiquette?

The latest official figures put the number of vapers and e-cig users in the UK at 2.8 million and the figure is rising every day. Although vaping is considered less offending than smoking, there is still a big issue concerning vaping etiquette. Some of the questions that beg answers include: is it okay to vape anywhere? When is it appropriate to openly vape? When should you use your e-cig more discreetly? These are just but a few of the questions which this article seeks to address.

Vaping places

It is agreed that confined spaces are unsuitable for vaping, which is quite justifiable because there could be other people within those places who will be forced to inhale the vapour. The problem with closed-up spaces is that vapour will remain in the air for longer and its concentration will increase as each cloud is released. Other people will not find this okay.

With regards to where to vape, you should observe the following:

· Do your vaping outside away and from people not to get vapour around them. You may have to go some distance away even when outside so that non-vapers do not inhale the vapour.

· While in your house, you can do as you please, but aerate the place before receiving visitors.

· If it is in your car, you have the liberty to vape there, but for your safety, roll down the windows for clear vision. It’s the same case as your house, let the vehicle have some fresh air before having friends or other people in there.

· When out there in public, the basic rule is to check for designated vaping spots. Observe the same rules as smokers do and do not vape where smoking is prohibited.

Relating with other vapers

Although you have a common habit, it is good to know there are boundaries when interacting with fellow vapers. One of the critical things to note is that you should not use another vaper’s e-cig without asking them first. The polite thing is to first them if you can use their vape pen before puffing on it. The same applies to the supplies such as the e-liquid. Of course, they cost money and you shouldn’t mess with other’s budget, and if you have to, seek their consent first. You can buy your favourite e juice flavours from reliable vendors, some of whom even have online sales platforms.

As a vaper, you should also not hassle other vapers because of the size, design, and other aspects of your vaping device if you consider theirs to be too small, cheap, or inferior in any way.

Interacting with smokers

They say that converts make the worst fanatics, and this couldn’t be truer than with some ex-smokers who switch to vaping. This group of vapers feel a great sense of achievement and that they have a right to look down on smokers and make a ton of criticisms about their smoking just as non-smokers used to do to them. You should let each person be and make their choice.

Informing those who seek answers

You may be surprised that there are people who do not yet know what vaping is all about and may question your emission of clouds of vapour. It is only fair to educate them, but do not give them a whole lecture on vaping. You should answer their innocent questions and not try to win them over to your habit.

The bottom line

Your right to vape, just as it is for other things too, should not violate other people’s rights like having fresh air or choosing their own habit. Vapers must always be considerate of non-vapers, fellow vapers, and even smokers. Enjoy your vape responsibly, but be cautious because it may have some negative health effects on your body.