What is Faithbooking?

What is this new “faithbooking” you’ve heard about? It’s a version of Scrapbooking, which is one of the hottest hobbies. With faithbooking, people are using scrapbooks as a testament to God, their faith, and the things they believe in. They record personal, family, or job events, but in a way that illustrates God’s work in their lives. The faithful can use these spiritually oriented scrapbooks to show others not only more about themselves, but about the more spiritual side of the lives. These books can be used as a testament not only within their own families, but to others also. Instead of the scrapbook being a testament only to the family, a more faith-based approach would elevate the religious beliefs into the finished product, showing how the joyous moments of their lives are linked to the creator.

Faithbooking relies on the elements of traditional scrapbooking but with a different twist. It can be seen in churches, clubs in private homes, within the private family, as as an individual. Regardless of one’s personal beliefs or flavor of religion, faithbooking is a popular and useful way to show appreciation for the spiritual gifts in one’s life, focusing on the many things to be thankful for in life. It can also be used to commemorate special religious events or holidays that are special to you.

Creating a faithbook doesn’t require anything special beyond what’s needed for a traditional scrapbook, just a subtle difference in your approach in putting it together, and the journal entries you include. You can get started by simply including scripture and verses which tie into the photos you’ve selected, and you’re on your way to integrating your faith with your scrapbooking hobby.

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