What is Espresso

Espresso Is An Italian Favorite

It’s a relative newcomer on the coffee scene considering coffee’s long history, but espresso is an Italian invention that’s made a huge impact since its arrival. Created at the beginning of the 20th century, espresso has undergone some changes in processing since its first introduction. But the thick, rich flavor sets it apart from other flavors about as much as its actual creation process.

Espresso is a strongly flavored coffee that’s created by forcing water under pressure through finely ground coffee grinds. Initially the drink was created using steam pressure, but now there are specialized machines that help speed up and simplify the process of producing perfect espresso even at home. The beans themselves are considered the darkest of darkest roasts to be ideal for espresso. They must roast to the point of smoking for an ideal espresso roast.

Unlike regularly brewed coffees, espresso is much thicker in consistency. It contains more dissolved solids, too, and has a distinct look and taste. The end result is a very strong cup of coffee that has a red-brown foam on top that’s commonly called crema. This foam, created during the brewing process, is made up of coffee’s natural oils, proteins and sugar.

Coffee on steroids, basically, espresso is a very strong brew that’s most commonly served in very small cups due to its richness. Highly concentrated, espresso is enjoyed by some on its own. Sold as a quick pick-me-up, espresso is typically marketed in “shots” since the servings are quite small.

Some coffee drinkers love espresso, but prefer to cut its strong flavor by using it as a base to create other coffee drinks that are milder to the senses, such as latte or cappuccino. When mixed in these other creations, the drink is milder and considered standard fare at gourmet coffee shops.

Just one of an endless stream of ways to enjoy the fruits of the coffee tree, espresso is a flavor that lovers of truly strong coffee swoon over. For others, its thick, rich, full-bodied result, although complete with its own “crema” is too strong. When cut with other coffee products it’s considered a gourmet sensation.

Its popularity is so strong, in fact, many coffee fans buy specialty machines that enable them to make this strong brew at home. Impossible to create in a conventional pot, espresso must undergo specialized processing to come out correctly. These home machines produce what many say is quite a good cup and are hits at dinner parties and other gatherings among like-minded coffee drinkers.

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